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  1. Im not making excuses, I'm just being realistic sorry for not falling in line with the usual suspects spouting the same s**te as always throwing their toys out the pram. I feel my arguement is balanced and completely unbiased. AD hasn't had a fair crack at the whip and fans. From the first 4 games, at best I expected 5 points (DLDW) for me only yesterday was a disappointment and do I blame Dyer for that? No not at all, the defence is 100% to blame
  2. I don't think they are mirrored per say more just my perception of realism. I've always said anything more than staying up is a bonus. Never known Killie as anything less than a top division club and for me thats most important. A few European trips and few trips to Hampden scattered in my life will always be treated as a bonus and not a guarantee.
  3. Like I said too many folk are too interested in numbers with no context. I've tried to add some balance to the arguement. Not saying I am right or wrong but lets wait til he has had a full round of fixtures then reflect. Not, as @kilm53 says 4 games into a 2 year contract. For me this season is all about survival in both the league and the whole COVID-19 situation anything else is a Brucie
  4. Nope I just don't jump on every bandwagon going. At the time I said we were wrong in sacking Alessio, I still stand by that. We never gave him time instead we let Kirk f**king Broadfoot f**k us about and run the show.
  5. A lot to be said about records and numbers etc etc. But lets look at ADs record in a bit of context eh? AA was sacked 17th Dec every single player had downed tools and just did not look interested. Therefore I personally give AD the benefit of the doubt for the three 1-0 defeats between AAs sacking and the winter break as he was trying to get the ship back under control. I feel in balance that this is only fair. Now ... the 12 games between the winter break and lockdown. Started with a 6-0 win over QP. Good, great, expected from such a game. For me that leaves 11 games to j
  6. Watched Colin Doyle week in week out at Bradford a few years back. Wouldn't judge him on his time at Hearts! A very solid keeper on his day and played a pivotal role in City reaching the playoff finals in the 2016/17 season. Would be good back up until Eastwood is fit. But what would I know? The usual suspects have written him off before he has signed
  7. So can I assume that since I haven't paid a printing fee that I won't have a Brownings logo on the front and the KilmarnockPie.com on the back on my pre-ordered kits?
  8. I get everything has a cost ... Just that's what I expect the sponsorship fee to cover
  9. Happy this has finally been brought in. Been a thing in MLS for the last 2-3 years and just makes the kits look even better imo. Interesting how you have to pay for the honour of having GasSure on the strip though!
  10. It worked for Leeds as the majority were given away in a package to avoid refunding part of season ticket sales. Leeds did not sell all of those cardboard cutouts for £20 a pop
  11. Mulumbu ghosted the club in Jan, time to move on!
  12. Down here is a complete f**k fest though. Boris has been gagging for "herd immunity" from the start and reopening is all part of his master plan. Public didn't like it to begin with so they went with the sensible lock down ... not that it was really followed. Now all the Tories are whinging they can't get haircuts or go down the pub he can reopen as much as he wants. R number is already back above 1 in most of the North of England yet everything is still opening as planned. England will have a much bigger 2nd wave than Scotland for granted but that doesn't mean Scotland won't have on
  13. What Motherwell expect and what actually happens could well be 2 entirely different things. In my opinion they will rue this decision financially
  14. Aye and South Korea have re-tightend restrictions after a 2nd spike after reopening ... we will get one too before a vaccine is released for general consumption it's just a case of when and how bad it is. Down here in England it is expected July/August from what I've heard. If they allow fans in to RP not only will they have to put in a proper social distancing with plans in place for getting in and out the ground, emergency exits etc but they'll also have to take temperatures etc to ensure people with mild symptoms do not enter the ground and put other fans at risk. If you think we