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  1. Down here is a complete f**k fest though. Boris has been gagging for "herd immunity" from the start and reopening is all part of his master plan. Public didn't like it to begin with so they went with the sensible lock down ... not that it was really followed. Now all the Tories are whinging they can't get haircuts or go down the pub he can reopen as much as he wants. R number is already back above 1 in most of the North of England yet everything is still opening as planned. England will have a much bigger 2nd wave than Scotland for granted but that doesn't mean Scotland won't have one, in fact without a vaccine (iirc it took 4 years to get a working vaccine for SARS which is of the same coronavirus family as COVID-19) it is almost a given that there will be one, like I said though when and how bad it is is completely up in the air.
  2. What Motherwell expect and what actually happens could well be 2 entirely different things. In my opinion they will rue this decision financially
  3. Aye and South Korea have re-tightend restrictions after a 2nd spike after reopening ... we will get one too before a vaccine is released for general consumption it's just a case of when and how bad it is. Down here in England it is expected July/August from what I've heard. If they allow fans in to RP not only will they have to put in a proper social distancing with plans in place for getting in and out the ground, emergency exits etc but they'll also have to take temperatures etc to ensure people with mild symptoms do not enter the ground and put other fans at risk. If you think we are nearly done with the pandemic your sorely mistaken.
  4. Wish I shared your optimism, can't see any fans at games this season. The fact the SPFL has gotten Sky to agree to Virtual STs to me shows it'll be a long time before fans are back in any football ground
  5. Why would they? Killie have not sold a single season ticket yet so no one is set to lose out financially as it stands. If Killie offer a virtual season ticket they are offering a service in which you get to watch all home games on a screen for a fee. The money spent on this service would have already had it's value come end of season 2020/21. If we then say you get the virtual season ticket and a guaranteed 19 games for free we are essentially giving away a season ticket for free i.e losing ~£1m in the process. Aye it would be a good gesture but quite frankly they should just charge a reasonable price for the Virtual STs and start again from 2021-22 if we are allowed back in RP
  6. And people thought last years kit was too like a Dundee kit...
  7. Excuse my ignorance but where can non-season ticket holders purchase shares?
  8. Why? There is no automatic relegation from League 2 and seeing as all playoffs have been cancelled it's fair(ish)
  9. Can we not have reconstruction that gets any form of split so far in the sea it can't come back? Split adds absolutely nothing to our game imo! Get it back to a proper league format with 16/18/20 teams everyone plays each other 2x or 4x then it ends ... no split just end of the season with all teams playing each other the same amount of times both home and away. No 17 home games & 19 away games cause a teamhad a stinker of a season and Rankings are off, no staggered last day, everyone plays at the same time be it 12.00, 5.30 on the Saturday 3pm on Sunday . No 7th place has more points that 6th and 5th. No more hack playoff for relegation. But most importantly what ever reconstruction there is, it has to 1) be permanent and 2) Hearts must be relegated for being completely woeful all this season.
  10. If there is any reconstruction keep any form of split as far away as possible!
  11. Aye but all Doncaster needs 4 OF games a season to make Scottish Football. Nothing sells our game better!
  12. Mentioned something very similar on here a few weeks back. Personally feel summer football is the way forward for Scottish football. Imagine a warm Wednesday night going up to Rugby Park to watch the Killie, 16 degrees in yer shorts as opposed to a Wednesday in December pissing down freezing cold miserable as f**k
  13. Get yerself hunted
  14. Bit of light relief from the current doom and gloom. 7:45 KO

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