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  1. angus

    Betfred Cup 2018/19 Dates

    BBC Sport website. Click on spot,click on Scottish Football and there it is.
  2. angus

    Betfred Cup 2018/19 Dates

    Check out the BBC website. According to them we are playing Spartans twice. And don’t play Saints at all. They just don’t care.
  3. angus

    Kris Boyd

    Me too
  4. angus

    Jordan Jones

    You can go hame if you want, I’m going to RP on Sunday to say a big “thank you “ to everyone involved in giving us such a fantastic season.
  5. angus

    Hibs away, Fred

    Can’t bare to watch it myself, but tell me, should we have had at least one penalty?
  6. angus

    Jordan Jones

    Know how you feel. Had the fear the way he was last off the pitch on Saturday and was waving to the fans.
  7. angus

    Hibs away, Fred

    Not the point. In such a close game It must surely have been worth a look at in the so called highlights show but not even a mention.
  8. angus

    Hibs away, Fred

    BBC Highlights? What a joke as usual. No mention of our two penalty claims!!
  9. angus

    Season tickets

    Same here.
  10. angus

    Modernised Ticketing System

    Just arranged for my 6th delivery change ticket to be posted today. However I managed to get a ticket for the Hibs game at New Year, sent stand post,provided I was willing to take the risk. This was done through the main office, as the shop was too busy. Surely you could be offered this every time.
  11. angus

    Hibs away

    Not going to make it down to the Aberdeen game but just arranged for my ticket for the Hibs game to be posted. Most important games of the season,so far. Ktid
  12. angus

    Jones or Mulumbu?

    JJ but would love to keep both.
  13. angus


    Thanks Greig and everyone involved. Would be great if JJ signs as well. The two of them are building up a real partnership.
  14. angus

    Hamilton away

    According to the BBC 2000 St. Mirren fans at the game against United.Surely we can take more than that to Hamilton!
  15. angus

    Dear Dons, Hibees and Huns

    Love it!! Bring on next Saturday. ktid

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