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  1. Thanks Up until now it has always been patg when ever I can get through. ktid
  2. First ticket in 30 years.
  3. angus

    Killie Kit Cup

    For all it’s worth, I would have voted for the 1965 strip.
  4. angus

    Killie Kit Cup

    Don’t use Twitter. Can’t vote?
  5. What happened to Hibs in season 2013/14 gives me the fear.
  6. Not after the way he played yesterday.
  7. Not quite as bad as the game against Livingston away , but not far off it .
  8. angus

    Alex Dyer

    Is the window open now?
  9. Thanks for the lift back to Perth.
  10. Heading to Dingwall on Saturday from Forfar area. Car to Dundee, train to Perth, change for train to Inverness, change for train to Dingwall. Unfortunately there is a two and a half hour wait after the game, before I can get the train south. Any chance of a lift from Dingwall to Perth ( Broxden Roundabout) ?
  11. Never been the same player since he was taken right out the game at Hamilton,start of the season.

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