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  1. Couldn't get Google Chrome to cast to my Samsung TV (source not supported). Tried AirPlay (Airserver) that didn't work for me either. However, I then tried AirParrot 3 (free trial) and that seems to work fine. Killie TV on my PC now appears on TV screen too.
  2. My Killie TV worked fine this week but I'd really like to get the wireless casting up and running from my desktop to my Samsung TV, has anyone done this and if so how do you do it? I thought I could install Nord on to my TV but apparently that's not so easy on a Samsung TV.
  3. I tried that. Won't cast Killie TV says unsupported source. I can cast Youtube form some reason???
  4. Yeah got it now. Just paranoid after last week. Cheers!
  5. I'm just seeing the squad line ups. Is that all that's on?? Spoke too soon video up now.
  6. Seems to be up and running for me this weeks, thank God.
  7. Awaiting government decision apparently but I'd be surprised if it got the go ahead.
  8. Yes logged in no problems and it worked a treat.
  9. Earlier I was faffing about with my laptop. Could've possibly left my self logged in to Killie TV on that. I'll stick to the one device next time. Cheers for the heads up.
  10. It's by the by now but was definitely logged in on my desktop. Smart phone login was fine so a bit baffling. See what happens next game.
  11. Very odd. When I logged in on my mobile I found the match link and that worked fine. When I logged in on my desktop (and laptop) there was no (or I couldn't find) match link?? Tried changing browser (Google Chrome and Edge), made no difference. Baffled.
  12. Well Killie TV International bombed for me. Anyone else not get a link?
  13. Managed to get the live feed on my phone but not my desktop. Can't find match link on desktop that was on my phone. Any suggestions? Browser issue? What link did you click if using a desktop or laptop? Can't be arsed watching on the mobile phone.
  14. Bit of help. Still can't get link to work, any ideas??
  15. I've got my vpn set to USA, logged in but link isn't working. What have I f*cked up with??