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  1. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    Ian Wilson

    I'd agree. Upcoming season potentially massive for both of them in slightly different ways. Kiltie needs to find that extra something that made him stand out before if he's to push on with his career. Fingers crossed!
  2. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    Ian Wilson

    Hoping to see the big man feature regularly next season. He seems to fit the mould of the type of player Clarke can really work with and develop. Did well today.
  3. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    Chris Burke

    Bit of a mystery why he's not been used more off the bench this season, as usually makes a big impact. Unless there's something in the comments above about carrying an illness.
  4. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    Worst way to get relegated?

    The West Brom relegation tonight must be a sore one. Granted they knew it was coming a couple of months back- but down without being able to kick a ball to influence anything, massive anti-climax!
  5. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    SPFL relegation / play offs

    Was racking my brain there - forgot about them!
  6. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    SPFL relegation / play offs

    Come to think of it, has that been achieved before? Not even Sevco could manage it.
  7. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    SPFL relegation / play offs

    I'm guessing they maybe lost a few fans to the Hearts/Hibs revivals in last few years. Respect to those that stuck with them - a real chance now to enjoy rare back to back promotions.
  8. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    SPFL relegation / play offs

    Livi back up would be a strange one. Their support based has dwindled away & they have quite a low budget and tight squad, but Hopkin has worked wonders.
  9. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    Rangers away, Fred

    Painful to be losing again, but not the end of the world. This was always going to be a tough end to the season, and the players have given it absolutely everything they've got for months now. Supporters will go into next season now with more realistic expectations and the boss will have a firmer idea of the areas of the team that need strengthening. League could be tougher still next year- if Utd sneak back up that's business pretty much back to normal, biggest clubs gathered in top league. Looking forward to seeing how summer transfer business is conducted, hopefully bringing A*r to Rugby Park in league cup, seeing if Greg Kiltie can get his mojo back and finally burying the Sheep hoodoo- it's the matches against them that have ultimately limited our ambitions this year.
  10. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    New signage at RP

    That's really good. Thought this post said 'New signings' and was really excited as SH is good source of info. Bit gutted when re-read the title but the graphics actually look excellent!
  11. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    Mo Salah

    Salah was outstanding yet again. Looks pretty down to earth kinda guy as well. Roma support looked well dodgy- away leg could be a bit hairy for travelling Liverpool fans.
  12. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    George Green

    I was quite disappointed that it never worked out for him at Killie, there's definitely a player there. I do sometimes wonder how his uncle is getting on as well.
  13. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic


    He was in the hotel after the game, so deffo still around.
  14. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    Aberdeen Home Massive

    At this exciting stage of a momentous season, the club should not be thinking of how to incentivise supporters into attending. The crowd against the Sheep will be good.
  15. BigRonFaeTheQueenVic

    Dean Hawkshaw

    Did well in the Rangers game last season as mentioned above, and also came on and made a big impact at Pittodrie earlier in the season. Overall though he probably needs to drop a league or 2 and find a regular starting position. I hope he finds a slot somewhere.

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