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  1. Agree with this. Also a great incentive to any 'squad' players that if they make the most of their opportunities they'll be supported.
  2. I hope Waters doesn't read this forum. He's finally fought his way into the team, had a good game v Celtic but most people want him straight back out.
  3. Looking at Wikipedia he's played 232 competitive games at age 26. That's a reasonable return that suggests he tends to be a regular starter the majority of the time if he settles in.
  4. I'd personally leave both the Chuckle Brothers warming the bench at Greyskull, thinking they're billy big times as they waste their careers away and no doubt get set to squander their earnings. Killie were on the cusp of something unique last season. We were competing at the very top of the league, and with a good Jan transfer window - who knows. Neither of these nuggets, for whatever reason, could spare us the 4 months it could have taken to crown a club and personal career defining moment. So it's a no from me.
  5. If Magennis was a donkey then he must have worked his ass off! He's built himself a decent career. I'd happily have a couple more like him this summer.
  6. As has always been the case during Clarke's time at Killie - it's great to dream but absolutely vital to enjoy the moment and get right behind the team and the manager. It will come to an end at some point but the last 17 months or so have been brilliant!
  7. Jefferies, Brown & their lovechild long overstayed their welcome at this club.
  8. Seriously? I take it you missed the bits where he put their centre backs under physical pressure every time a high ball came along, won a good few headers and successfully aimed them at our faster players to run on to?
  9. Aye very good. 1. Only getting print time as he played for Oldco or whatever you call them. 2. Injured his entire feckin career. 3. Actually has no idea whether pitch contributed to Kiltie's injuries. 4. No doubt runs his 'academy' on 4G.
  10. You've lit the fuse all right. For what it's worth I agree with you- certainly in the case of Tshibola & some of the constant (non-racial but relentless) reaction he seems to provoke in some.
  11. Full credit to The Boss- 3 good January results after the Jones / Stewart dramas, plus he's leaving the signings late enough to no doubt drive some shrewd bargains & maximize value for money on his limited budget. We'll done that man!
  12. Yeah you may well be right- went for peanuts, probably to cover some random bill.
  13. I liked him in his brief spell with us - did well til he strangely got shifted to right midfield. Was then shipped out in the summer for peanuts as the AJ 'revolution' got underway.

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