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    I only got into football when i moved to Dundonald aged 10 and started going into killie games. A few of us from school used to go but i dont think any of them go now. Funnily enough i got my dad into supporting killie as i used to get him to take me to RP on a saturday when we first moved there. Moved to Dunoon in 1984 and still travel over for all home games and a fair few aways. Now got 2 boys of my own(19+23) who are both killie daft. I told them when they were young that they didnt need to support killie but they were not allowed to follow a*r,thistle or either of the bigots but they chose wisely. Proudest moment was the cup win in 2012 when i had my boys and my late dad with me,so happy my dad got to see us win a trophy as he missed 1997. Its not always been great following killie but i wouldnt change any of it,makes you appreciate the good times when they come KTID
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    Hamilton Away - Postponed, Frozen Pitch

    5 of us left dunoon on the 5pm ferry,pulled into the mecca car park at 620pm only for my son to tell us the game was off. Absolutely shocking on Accies part and would not be surprised if this was intentional. Have sent them an email but will be very surprised if i get any response,mickey mouse club,hope they go down

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