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  1. With Chris Burke as a guest, you just know it'll be a great listen! Looking forward to it
  2. I still can't bring myself to watch the highlights
  3. Any coverage tonight or does champions league scupper it?
  4. Its busy but parked there for 25 years, last week it was almost impossible, think I got the one possible space. I'm just thinking for Wed night as I'm always rushing to get there on time.
  5. Last couple of home games there had been police cones all around arrothill, rowanhill and harperland, preventing any parking on the street. Is this always going to be the case from now on does anyone know?
  6. Watching his post match interview, and from previous interviews, we really need to keep this guy around. Playing S long as he can, I'm sure he'll know himself when he's done, but also look into getting him on the coaching staff. He comes across as a model professional, great influence on the squad and has fantastic knowledge of the game. Future manager material, if he chooses that path.
  7. Only question not answered, what about the guy from Newcastle that went to Motherwell?
  8. Power. Absolutely ran the game. Once, he misplaced a pass in the whole game. Brilliant.
  9. fraggle


    That's how to become a fans favourite, effort, commitment, score goals. Easy! Awkward to defend against, good close control. Very good acquisition.
  10. With friends like these... Bloody hell
  11. That'd be great, I'll message you, thanks alot Someone else kindly offered too, I saw it as a pop up then can't find it to see who it was so thanks also!
  12. Ah well, twitter updates for me instead of being at the game, magic.
  13. I can't get to rugby park until about half 7 on Wednesday night. Can I get a ticket? Can I buy it on that app and just show the qr code on my phone?

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