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  1. Fantastic to reach 3,000 season ticket sales already. That landmark, coupled with the success of the youth team at the weekend, is a huge reason for optimism!
  2. I’m hearing we are close to signing a goalkeeper (from the same source who told me about Armstrong last week).
  3. Think the silly defensive errors were a by-product of the pressure under which the team found itself post-Millen’s red card.
  4. If we/ Ross Millen hadn’t blown it against St Johnstone (who, coincidentally, scored half of their goals all season against us in one half), we would have been sitting in fourth place.
  5. Yesterday's goal was Greg's 5th in 12 games (6 starts) against Hamilton, meaning that they are now his favourite opposition to score against.
  6. KTID96


    That in no way justifies the public crucifixion to which Andy was subjected. Embarrassing.
  7. Unsure if there is already a thread on this, but, my word, what a film. Frantic brilliance.
  8. Had a dream last night that we won this one 5-4. Wild. Cue a 1-0 defeat.
  9. His empire biscuits were always sh*te anyway.
  10. Not that it is any consolation, but apparently the match observer felt that both of our penalty claims were indeed penalties. Plenty of aspects of Gavin Duncan’s performance being reviewed.
  11. It is baffling. At least they’re not JJ Bull on the Totally Scottish Football Show - that lad has serious issues with us for some reason.
  12. If only Longstaff was still on loan...
  13. We get it, Andy Robertson played for you.
  14. Bought two season tickets today.
  15. KTID96


    Superb. Welcome back, Craigieboy.
  16. Very sad news via Derek Rae on Twitter. “Sad news from multiple sources. 4 times German champions 1. FC Kaiserslautern set to announce that the club is insolvent. Reportedly debts of around 24 mil Euro & 15 mil Euro needed for the licence to play next season. Media briefing on Monday & insolvency plan to be announced.”
  17. @FanWithaTypewritter there has been a considerable push particularly in the last few months to get the word of the Trust out there (feature articles, increased Twitter presence, newlook Comms). Hopefully more and more people will now start to realise the full potential of the Trust and, where possible, make a monthly, yearly or one-off contribution!
  18. Hard to disagree with a lot of what is being said on here. I love the club and I’ve tried to be patient but I find myself increasingly frustrated with the players, the manager and the board.
  19. I don’t think anybody is going on about top 6 now?
  20. Craigieboy is one of the best posters on the forum for sure. His evergreen enthusiasm is a joy!
  21. O'Hagan was brilliant when he was at the club, from what I've heard.