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  1. It was before my time but that is the story I heard as to how it was done.
  2. Apart from Clarke all our previous managers were garbage ... but they turn into Fergie because they picked McKenzie every week.
  3. Red card for the kick ... yellow card for kicking the ball away.
  4. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day...
  5. Get a vpn.. KTV has been fine all game ... apart from the performance on the pitch
  6. You can call players anything you want but when a club official makes a major mistake that cost the club money and Cup progress ... then calling her a useless female dog gets you a warning.
  7. chubbs


    About 2 years ago they said they were going to change the rules because the current ones made them look bad.
  8. Let's be honest .... if we had another forward Cameron would be lucky to get near the team. I would love him to get on the scoresheet and perform well but he hasn't really shown much so far.
  9. Watson and Warnock on for Fraz Murray and Polworth
  10. Unlucky from Oli Shaw ... dinked shot from a tight angle.
  11. Yes ... Fraz Murray with a sweet finish.
  12. Probably better with Hemming up front than Cameron.
  13. Good movement from Waters ... no-one there for the cross though.
  14. FFS ... how the hell did Lyons miss the target from there??
  15. Oofftt .... thought that was an og
  16. Polworth should've scored that header.... poor miss.
  17. FFS.... let them in straight away again.
  18. Naismith...Nice finish from a lovely slipped pass from Alston
  19. Got to remember that we've made 7 changes and most of the guys who have come in have been on the bench most weeks. Shaw is making his debut, Waters first appearance of the season?, Sanders not played in the league, Lyons and Armstrong have been subs.
  20. Good run from Naismith and a decent touch from the keeper on Shaw's shot.