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  1. White smoke spotted over Rugby Park. We have a new leader.
  2. My favourite bit in Apocalypse Now is the helicopter attack scene. Still get goosebumps hearing Ride of the valkyries.
  3. I'm sure the people who queued on Sunday and again today would be delighted to hear you got three calenders signed with zero effort.
  4. Can everyone that's bought a season ticket please reply so we know how many we have sold. Ps if you have taken a U16 ticket please add +1.
  5. I’m sure Mr Kilmarnock watched the game on a dodgy feed in a Madrid bodega.
  6. At least he never turned down the award on religious grounds then got caught drink driving like Yaya Toure.
  7. Could the Trust not act as a middle man for season ticket purchases? Fan deposit the ticket cost in a Trust account and when the conditions are met they purchase the tickets for their members. If the conditions are not met the money is refunded. Its not a conventional way of buying season tickets but would the club refuse to deal with the Trust if there were 500 season tickets at stake?
  8. The Trust standpoint seems to be lets see if there is enough support for a EGM so we don't have to stick our head above the parapet and jeopardise our place on the board. I say, support the call for the EGM with your shares and there could be a real chance of change at the club which hopefully would open up a easy passage for a seat on a progressive board. I am struggling to see what the Trust think they can achievie with a member on the board while MJ is still calling the shots. The history between MJ and the Trust would suggest all would not be forgotten. We have l
  9. Should the Trust support calls for an EGM by added there shares to the pot?
  10. Anybody know if the Sports Bar was busy today?
  11. This is my favourite part of MJ's demands, • Observe the standards, specifications, directions and instructions laid down by KFC concerning method of manufacture, quality, marketing, packaging and labelling of the Killie Pie What do KFC know about pie manufacturing or marketing in general? If MJ was in control of making Killie Pies the steak content would be reduced every season while the cost risen. The steak would end up reduced to nothing to be replace with mutton. Then when the old firm visited the famous Killie Pie would be sold in the away end only.
  12. Sadly we will never see images like this again.
  13. Has any market research taken place to see if there is corporate types with an interest? Motherwell have hospitality boxes at each end of their ground that haven't been used this season.
  14. Looks like a good outlet for the Hotel to supply food and drink to.