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  1. theboyjohnston

    League Decider

    Auchinleck need a win tomorrow to win the Super Premier Division, currently 1 point ahead of Beith who should collect 3 points at home to Girvan. They only have to win away to Cumnock
  2. theboyjohnston

    Watch This Space

    You need to ask yourself the same question. You've stated your intention to withdraw your support of TIK without allowing the appointed representative the opportunity to demonstrate their worth. How do you know your decision is right or not? Contrary to your initial post, I understand Cathy meets your criteria of being a 'true fan' and, by virtue of her politics, I would expect her to be mindful of her responsibilities to the fans she has been chosen to represent. I'm happy to give her a chance and I will continue to support TIK so long as I have the means - this is not a short term effort.
  3. theboyjohnston

    Would you rather

    Was praying Sammon would pass the penalty onto someone else - Thistle were not scoring today.
  4. theboyjohnston


    I loved the bit in the statement asking for sensitivity and not use allegations from 30 yrs ago to attack the present incarnation - I've yet to hear anyone from Sevco condemn the 'Big Jock Knew' fraternity. Scumbags.
  5. theboyjohnston

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Pat yourself on the back...oh you already have...
  6. theboyjohnston

    Season tickets

    Aye - looking forward to a couple of trips to Paisley.
  7. theboyjohnston

    Season tickets

    Season purchased, on-line, no drama. 1st one in a good few years. I've gone from blind faith ST purchaser, disenfranchised walk-up customer, NAPM, hopeful regime change returning walk-up, blind faith ST purchase. Hopefully the circle is now complete.
  8. theboyjohnston

    Season tickets

    Any word on walk-up price? At this year's £20/£26, I think you would have paid £382 over a 19 game season. If £370 is price of a ST, I would expect a return to £22 for a non OF walk-up. I've been a walk-up for a number of seasons but more likely to get a season this time round.
  9. theboyjohnston

    Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Remarkably, this should be credited to Gary Locke, IIRC
  10. theboyjohnston


    No, just got hooked. Guy at my work said he played on the left of midfield but didn't think he saw much of the ball , more because Livi's only tactic seemed to be to shell the ball from back to front at every opportunity. Frizz needs to feature in a team that wants to play football!
  11. theboyjohnston

    Ronaldo's Penalty.

    1. Penalty 2. Saved by the penalty decision 3. Perfect pen
  12. theboyjohnston

    Ten Song Game

    6. Getting Better - Shed Seven
  13. theboyjohnston

    Prize Money

    Did we finish 8th last season? So +300k as it stands.
  14. theboyjohnston

    Four in a row

    I think I picked up on a stat that 9 without defeat was our best run of results in the SPL/SPFL era too. Can anyone confirm?
  15. theboyjohnston


    Didn't witness his debut at the piggery but has been a revelation since the Partick game. Nice bit of business by the club. If only we could hold onto Dicker & Mulumbu for a title assault next season!!

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