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  1. Glad he got a good send off and well done Greg for paying tribute to a Galston stalwart.
  2. Bank Accounts in the Cayman Islands are in danger of bursting at the seams. I try not to get drawn in to twitter supposition but there does appear to be some alarming tender awards. Multi million pound contracts to companies with no expertise in the industry and with trading histories that suggest they are ill equipped to fulfill the obligations. How this is never held up to parliamentary scrutiny or journalistic scrutiny is bewildering.
  3. I think you hit the nail on the head. Did well but once afforded a bigger budget didn't progress the team significantly further. Not sure that they will make it though - high expectations and in competition with some big hitters.
  4. Galston : Wee Train, Stand-a-Lane and Low Green Bowling Club, that I know off
  5. Relieved from his post after today's home defeat to Cardiff. Did well to have City competing at the top end of the Championship but maybe this season a little off the pace. City don't strike me as a club that are destined for the Premiership - will be interesting to see if they mount any sort of challenge next season.
  6. All we've heard for weeks - we're losing a fortune, we need to cut back. First opportunity- oh look shiny shiny Hateful club.
  7. One of those draws was 0-0 at home to St Johnstone who at that time were still a poor side. If Alessio had us in 5th on merit, we should have tanked them. Instead we were completely toothless and played a type of football that made my eyes bleed. The rot had well and truly set in and it is foolish to think we were going to stay in 5th without an overhaul of the squad in January.
  8. And yet last season we had players on loan from Liverpool, Juventus and QPR*... (* I know - Dundee Utd too but least said about that!)
  9. It's as if they've gone full circle and too reliant on the technology. The match officials should still have the confidence to make the call if the technology is wrong - fundamentally it is the linesman's role to make that call and to utilise the technology to support his decision.
  10. ...this countries... Queen's English isn't a strong point!
  11. Exactly this. Was a big step up for Niko last season and he'll be better for the experience. I thought he dipped after a good start. Were signs he was coming out of his shell a bit again - showing a bit more aggression in the home game against Sevco for instance. I'd welcome him back if Fowler/Dyer thought he was a good option.
  12. Could only see it as a loan and us contributing to his wage - finances for a permanent deal would be a fair wedge. Downside to that would be he couldn't play against them. Was amazing for us in that 6mth spell.
  13. A fit and willing Naismith - no question. How many games did he actually play for Hearts though? Too injury prone now imo
  14. With easing of lockdown measured underway, I would expect the restriction on watching with your dad to be lifted before August. Even the extended shielding period for the most vulnerable is expected to expire by the end of July.
  15. Just saw it on LinkedIn!

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