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  1. Attitude of WM Government pretty well served in this article. https://amp.ft.com/content/53af9378-e1c2-49d1-bf01-25319f218083?__twitter_impression=true
  2. Bit harsh on both Millen and Waters. Up against 2 good wide players in Hayes and Kennedy yesterday. Hard to impose themselves going forward when you are defending against players of that calibre. Don't think Hamilton will be as threatening on the flanks. If Broadfoot is injured you would be changing 3 of 4 from yesterday's starting line-up. Aberdeen weren't cutting us open with any regularity that would suggest such an overhaul.
  3. They could have changed the format. The briefing could have set out the data and how the data was used to drive the increase or lessening of any lockdown restrictions. Any 'politicising' has been driven by the press Q&A section. There is only so many questions that can be asked that are covid specific and which are to inform the reader/listener. Increasingly the journalists are asking questions that can only illicit a response that crosses in to politics. I don't doubt Nicola Sturgeon when she says she does not want to use the briefings as a political platform however sh
  4. 2nd St Mirren player tested positive
  5. Ironically that is a criticism often pinned on MacInnes. Has a system that beats 9 out of 11 teams which he bins against Shellsuit & Sevco only to have his arse handed to him on a plate on a regular basis.
  6. Probably why Swinney referenced blended learning again at the weekend - would be the likely backup plan.
  7. We're so lucky that someone of Abbott's calibre was willing to take on this unpaid role. Like most Tory arrangements I can't believe there is no self interest in this collaboration.
  8. Guess he's just saying what everyone else has since Leonard assumed the Scottish Leadership. How does SLAB wrestle credibility back with the Scottish Electorate?
  9. Ye of little faith - never in doubt!
  10. Invest everything in whatever Jacob Rees Mogg invests in. We'd be in the black inside 2 months.
  11. You know he directly assisted 2 of our goals today - how more creative do you want him to be?
  12. Rory MacKenzie take a bow. Who needs Messie!