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  1. Looks to be a focus on the lower league English market at the moment , and the high number of players made available ....hopefully as well as a look at in training they have been scouted previously and can add to the quality of the current squad
  2. Scouser2

    Club Shop

    did Everyone with issues re taking too much money get a direct E mail ? would been helpful and good customer relations if the club had issued out a message via social channels apologising for the issues, comments had been taken on board and saying improvements are in hand ...
  3. Welcome to our club and hope he contributes to a much better season ahead, hopefully a sign that hard work has been done in searching out the right players and more additions will follow
  4. Scouser2


    Still feel they have a first choice in mind but having to wait ....and ATM are looking at finding a back up keeper as well as options if that first option talks fail......risky given how vital the keeper position is as well as the need to get defence ready asap for season start IF we get that first target signed eventually even waiting into August, then will be looked back on as worth waiting..... But......
  5. Scouser2


    Billy Thomson on the keeper situation at Kilmarnock **** As for Kilmarnock, Thomson is looking forward to seeing who he has to work with himself next term, with both he and manager Alex Dyer running the rule over a number of keepers as they look to add two of their own. They have already been linked with a move to bring Daniel Bachmann back to the club on loan from Watford after the 25-year-old impressed during his previous spell at Rugby Park, but Thomson wasn't giving anything away. “Daniel definitely made an impression, but we’ll just have to wait and see,” he said. “Like the Celtic situation, there’s a lot of speculation going about. “We are having a look at the goalkeeping situation. We’ve had a few in, so it’s just a case of picking the right one or two. “The guys that have come in have done well, so we’ll sit down and decide who is going to come in.” Evening Times
  6. Will our first home game be available free to ST holders , that seemed the wording re ST offer .......have seen it now suggested by some clubs that any game picked by SKY for Live TV , will not be available to be shown to a clubs uk customers ?
  7. Hopefully It is just as usual the club just waiting for all the paperwork to be completed before any announcement , as seems a long period to have him up on trial if no deal is getting done ..
  8. Hope it stays dry then Stag has spent a bit of money updating the outside bit...looked busy today .if only had put in for some holiday time off.....
  9. Few in Southside Glasgow open n busy, even if some were only seats put onto the pavement.............
  10. Also been announce that BBC sportscene is now back on Saturday nights , with the new contract .....hopefully will be more than a few minutes of (Positive ) highlights from our games
  11. Few away games in first month or so....first home game picked by Sky Sunday 9th August , 4.30 kick off v. Celtic
  12. No....Glasgow area .and yes ...
  13. Renewed ours today , to add to the total .....hopefully be back in usual seats and meeting up for pre game pints as soon as is possible .....KTID
  14. Might be said it’s the same for every season , but we really do need to get off to a decent start in the league this time around and too see evidence that there is reasons for optimism this season . Clubs will have the odd closed door friendlies before season start but most clubs will still take a few weeks of the league to get match sharp and used to the conditions Home start v likes of a Ross County or Hamilton would be ok , and perhaps getting away game next in Glasgow ......Given will be a fair few weeks / months before even some fans are allowed back would hope for a few more away than home in the first month or so
  15. Scouser2


    Would all depend if the parent club thought he could be useful or needed before end of the season, Watford just sit outside bottom 3 so may well want to keep even a 3rd choice keeper on hand in case of any injuries. In theory, a loan deal could be agreed though with the player arriving at a later date......

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