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  1. Credit to all on getting the site updated and keeping it going ..been a godsend in past 6 months ...even the downbeat parts on our defeats ...and an escape from the WFH routine One thing that was hoping for on the upgrade was a short electric shock for anyone who took a thread off subject and on another totally different tangent
  2. All Hamilton staff now had negative tests , so take it on Saturday will through the current rule miss the 3 first team squad players who had false positive tests this week and Lee Hodson who is still in his quarantine period from previous week .....
  3. Pity about Mulumbu as this is kind of game his creative range of passing would be very useful.....but given his time out of football was always a risk of picking up an injury once stepped up his training....hope it’s only a minor hamstring concern interesting to hear Jake Eastwood has come back and to step up his training next week
  4. Now reported 3 who tested positive , now had negative tests via NHS testing procedure
  5. Is wee Dougie Imrie still on coaching staff there ..... whatever side they pick , will still be playing same kind of system and “certain Style”...we need to get ahead and dominate the game but do seem to find it hard to do that against them
  6. Especially with no real preseason games as usual nor now the regular reserve games this season ...a few of the new signings and others in squad have not had that much match practice as yet
  7. Good to have a report from the club though the person covering the game seems to hark back to old style of Commentary terminology .“With Innes Cameron and Danny Whitehall leading the line, the front two rumbled and tumbled with Alloa’s defensive duo“ pleasing to hear likes of Zeno Ibsen Rossi impressed again
  8. Hours away from joining us again now a hero in cup tie for his parent club.....its a funny game sometimes ....he will be hoping by end of current window Watford don't look to bring in another keeper and he can at least be considered as No 2 keeper with chance to further his career this season with them But the circumstances which prompted that very late change of mind from Watford was a blow for us
  9. Found this when checking if was any set rules re calling games off .....there is a set rule but then also SPFL can change it if sees fit...which leaves it open to claims of bias if SPFL change it for some clubs but not others ##### Uefa state games can be played as long as clubs have 13 players. Is this adopted by the SPFL? Yes, but clubs can apply for games to be postponed if they feel they are being unfairly disadvantaged. These cases would be decided on a case-by-case basis by SPFL after consultation with the Joint Response Group and the Scottish Government
  10. Do wonder if that was the only reason....... .not a surprise and would steer well clear of him
  11. Scouser2


    Not legally allowed ......which is why Likes of Killie club do not show PPV away games But some are at the moment ..with chances of getting a visit from whoever is policing the law limited in current circumstances ...though sadly many are often showing the Glasgow 2 PPV games .....
  12. Not really..to long a memory .Greg Taylor, SOD .....Waters in our last home game ..... At home and a front 2 you badly need our 2 wide players to be involved and create, hopefully Burke for one can find his top form again ......If fully fit there must be a chance somehow to get Mulumbu involved as that kind of creative passing ability is missing atm from this team
  13. Was any comment made as to why he wasn’t in squad for Aberdeen game? hopefully there is no injury issue and just a case of working up his fitness levels making sure he is ready ASAP
  14. Also when Manager at out club in nearly every interview SC used the line about our first job was to avoid relegation .....even after a run of wins he still came out and used that line .... too much sometimes is made of what comments a Manager might make in interviews, what is more important is what they say to the players and the results achieved on the pitch For me the next run of 4 league games could well define the way the rest of our season will go , or what decisions need to be made , In terms of squads and quality there is.not that much between 7 or 8 teams in this league , oft
  15. Badly need our front players to be in top form and just hope we can cut out mistakes Hopefully Mulumbu is fit for games to come