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  1. Hopefully Haunstrup will be fit for this game.
  2. Tshibola was excellent. His weight of pass and the way it forces players like Millen and waters to come onto the ball. Unfortunately when Tish plays in with Power we looked liable to get caught on counter and that was very apparent in first half. Boyles two goals were on the break had Dicker screened the centre half’s it may not have been as easy to isolate our defenders.
  3. Centre half and a Dean Shiels type
  4. Rogers must be fuming. Guy has knocked his pan in for weeks to get a deal then Eastwood pops out nowhere and is infront of him. Cant say back four outwith Findlay doesn’t terrify me. Tshibola must be fitter than we expected. Seems he’s giving last seasons players a chance to stake claim.
  5. Be watching from Irvine via Leipzig
  6. Up the VPN Get into this shower of Killie
  7. Is this Saturday the only time they will do it ? Or is it before every game.
  8. If he left like Greg Taylor then that would be a fair call. I’d never let him wear our colours again after the way he went on.
  9. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.
  10. Ironically I watched Jake make his debut for Sheffield united against Walsall in 2017 while being down on a work trip. He was very highly rated at that point. Henderson from Man United has kind of came in and performed unbelievably which led to him being shipped out on loan. He is a big guy certainly and performed well that night they won 3-2. Ched Evans controversially scoring winner.
  11. Centre half + a Mcaleny type Tish likely signing then we would be looking a good outfit.
  12. Also how do you distinguish which people get in if the quota is less than the amount of season ticket holders. It could be Nomads away allover again.
  13. Gonna be a Logistics nightmare.
  14. Avoiding injuries it’s a real chance. Started well so far hope he can regain his previous pre injury form.
  15. The boy Sarkic who just signed for Wolves would be a decent option on loan. Was pretty good on loan at Livi. Hladky probably for better offers now. Seen Slavia Prague want him. Who else would you take?
  16. Bachmann deal off Scott Burns
  17. We should offer him the captaincy and a year extension. He if stays fit could command a huge fee I think he’s twice the player McKenna and Souttar are and they are asking mental money.
  18. 2 million for Findlay minimum. No chance he’s going to Oxford
  19. Hladky still a free agent?
  20. Massive kick in the stones. Surely we have contingencies in place. With Gomes leaving and Foster looking likely to leave maybe Bachmann fancies his chance in championship under new manager.
  21. Should be agreed £12.50 across the board. Encourage fans to keep putting money in home and away. Sure the staff they paid off will love that decision could have made enough money to keep some in their jobs. While they hire David Tanner to run the commentary. Absolute w****rs
  22. Probably a 1-2 year deal signed. Maybe they are waiting to see exactly how Bachmann situation comes out. We need a keeper and Rogers is probably about right to be pushing Bachmann for the season.

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