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  1. 6 months is dog s**t, unless it's our choice to extend it
  2. Sevco changed tactics at half time. Stopped being as direct as saw they could play round us. We couldn't adapt to that and we've lost yet another game
  3. Pure mind games. Kirk's will to win has never been in question
  4. If he was to sign, and it's a big if, he needs to be in good shape. Id expect Dicker to revert central defence in this case
  5. Glad he didn't get the chance to return. Genuinely think we're better off now with the 2 RB we have
  6. Rogers Millen Broadfoot Findlay Waters Power Burke Haunstrup Kiltie Kabamab Brophy/Whitehall Dicker and Tshibola drop to bench, and actually utilise the bench more We can't afford the luxury of 2 sitting midfielders in games we should expect to win. Fine against the Glasgow Gloryhunters Md possibly Aberdeen or Hibs away
  7. No, Brophy is by far the more reliable option
  8. I've seen folk sharing the YouTube video of his mistakes. Can you imagine the video we could have made about Lekovic? The big guy saves us many times over in games though and probably the biggest cult hero keeper we've had
  9. Got to admit, I forgot about Tshibola when doing my team. Can't be arsed changing it but yes I'd play him
  10. Glasgow Gloryhunters not even in the draw, yet it's their ex players doing the draw. Laughable
  11. Rogers Millen Findlay Broadfoot Haunstrup Burke Power Dicker McKenzie Kiltie Kabamba
  12. I reckon he'd be a good right mid as well
  13. Nicke made a few folk on here look a bit daft today
  14. Rogers Millen Findlay Dicker Haunstrup Burke Power Tshibola McKenzie Kiltie Kabamba