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  1. Never mind his imaginary solicitor friend,what do the mods say about this??
  2. He doesn't. His hatred of the SNP is one if the things that keeps him going.That and bullying other members of the forum.
  3. The same way we should have closed down Catholic Churches during the troubles? Stupid idea
  4. You still spouting the same pish,give it a rest,you have just described yourself.
  5. Coulibaly vs Celtic. fantastic goal from distance.Shame about the rest of the result.
  6. Give it a f**king rest and leave the guy alone.You and McLean 07 are the same.
  7. Wow,Labour stealing ideas from the SNP.Glad to see they are becoming froward thinking
  8. LOL, you calling anyone a disgrace,lol
  9. Aye right they do.You have any proof of this at all, you would have been shouting it from the rooftops.
  10. findis


    Still can't understand why people are surprised that the 2 stoogies sat and said nothing while their master wasn't there.
  11. What is cynical about it?
  12. As I said before,he was talking s**te like the rest at Rugby Park.He made a threat and then bottled it when push came to shove. As for a great community club......
  13. Another one who talks s**te.The club is full of them.
  14. Findlay is one of the best defence lawyers in Scotland,it would make sense for White to hire him.

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