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  1. Never rated Colin Nish at the time to be honest. but who am I to judge
  2. looking at the clips , certainly more agile than both Doyle and Rogers but like the previous poster id like to see him hold more ball than parry, but would be an improvement on the previous encumbents.
  3. why do we keep being linked with ex players , we need to move on not back, good as Liam was that would be a no from me
  4. A good appointment IMO, welcome Tommy.
  5. He is at his work thats my son. lol
  6. The players get my full support however I suspect more negative tactics will prevail from Dyer & Co
  7. You are right new requirements not required till midweek , coincidence or?
  8. He can be linked with anyone he likes but until a contract is signed he has nothing , get him asked
  9. I know from personal experiance that being a nice guy , good guy one of the boys etc , eventually does not cut it a managrial level in any field better to be firm , fair and keep detached a bit like SC appeared to be.
  10. charlie1


    Alan Russell came with such promise and whatever happened failed to live up to that promise. Shame Ryan O Leary easily forgetable . If you ask about defenders in the last few decads he would be one of the last to mention I think JMO and maybe a bit unfair.
  11. The best player iv seen at RP although he had an off day was George Best. Best performance was Teddy Sheringham with Portsmouth ran us ragged in a Friendly
  12. quite a few imponderables , and totaly unprecedented.
  13. Sorry if this has been discussed before and I have missed it, but what happens to players out of contract in the summer? do they remain on Furlough if it continues? Leave the club? temporary re sign?