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  1. He can be linked with anyone he likes but until a contract is signed he has nothing , get him asked
  2. I know from personal experiance that being a nice guy , good guy one of the boys etc , eventually does not cut it a managrial level in any field better to be firm , fair and keep detached a bit like SC appeared to be.
  3. charlie1


    Alan Russell came with such promise and whatever happened failed to live up to that promise. Shame Ryan O Leary easily forgetable . If you ask about defenders in the last few decads he would be one of the last to mention I think JMO and maybe a bit unfair.
  4. The best player iv seen at RP although he had an off day was George Best. Best performance was Teddy Sheringham with Portsmouth ran us ragged in a Friendly
  5. quite a few imponderables , and totaly unprecedented.
  6. Sorry if this has been discussed before and I have missed it, but what happens to players out of contract in the summer? do they remain on Furlough if it continues? Leave the club? temporary re sign?
  7. As a player here at RP a legend, as a guy top notch , as a manager at RP not at present thank you . too many letting nostalgia rule their thinking , far better managers out there if the board would get their respective fingers out .
  8. How do you work that out??
  9. Aye because we are good at closing games out .
  10. Cant we? 2 complete disasterous transfer windows says we can ,
  11. Lots of things shock me pal this wont be one of them , it may well be 100% correct , the panic this has caused is unreal, more people will die of Flu this year than Coronovirus. Keep well ,

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