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  1. charlie1

    Supporters Clubs and buses

    I can remember Kilmarnock fans doing the same to Morton buses going up Bonnyton brae after a Scottish cup/Leaguecup game to which Morton brought a big following. Shocking IMO.
  2. charlie1


    Laurel for me
  3. charlie1

    Sevco Away

    Rangers supporting mate tonight like a dog with two c**ks , predicting 4 or 5 nil tomorrow. fud
  4. charlie1

    Let's be realistic

    However the season pans out and wherever in the league we a finish up. its been a dramatic improvement on recent years . thank you Stevie Clarke and the team for a fine effort. 4 to go go out and do your best.
  5. charlie1

    George Green

    The Boy obviously had issues and hopefully now in his past, just think what might have been for him had he persevered or been allowed to stay here under the guiding hand that SSC would have provided.
  6. I think it would make a huge difference to us im sorry to say. If offered how could anyone scottish knock that job back . European football almost every season , money to spend , need i go on I sincerly hope I am wrong . but await the red cards that obviously coming
  7. charlie1

    Modernised Ticketing System

    All this e ticket and Phone scan tickets are excellent ideas , but lets not forget the many older generation fans who dont use computers or smart phones There should always be a facility for pay at the gate or purchasing tickets at the geound or shop in the days before a game.
  8. charlie1

    Mulumbu gossip

    Seriously??? I thought everyone would have heard of them
  9. charlie1

    Gary Dicker

    Read the post the giveaway is that wee word IF
  10. charlie1

    Gary Dicker

    Hate to be negative, and really hope Gary is signing but how do the papers know this , and if the contract is already drawn up and both parties are happy why isnt it signed already , pure paper speculation again im afraid.
  11. charlie1

    Today's Attendance

    Crowd was 1 short Today , Got to FB stand only to discover I had left my cash and phone in the house , had to turn and walk the 4 miles home
  12. charlie1

    The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same!

    All blue Strip was quite common in the late 60s early 70s as the change strip when team colours clashed if I remember right it was the home team who changed as a rule .
  13. charlie1

    Another great read

    Still the bias from the Scottish contributers towards the Infirm . which I think spoiled an otherwise good article
  14. charlie1

    gers away, Fred

    watching on a gers thread ,lol funny as feck
  15. charlie1

    Was last night your first match of the season?

    I wasnt there last night because I was skint £60 for three games in a week is a big ask , how many others in the same boat I wonder.

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