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  1. I am one of the most chilled out people around (to the point it infuriates family with my don’t worry about it attitude) and I’ve found myself very wound up the last few days with the whole thing. For anyone who normally worries or has anxiety I can only imagine how this is all impacting them. If anyone on here feels that things are becoming a bit too much for them and would like a Killie/football related chat to take their mind off it (or any chat) please drop a PM.
  2. Time for Gary Holt.
  3. If thats the criteria then we should be stopping every game on Rory's behalf.
  4. A large chunk of the population support Celtic and Rangers but that doesn’t mean it will ever be acceptable to the rest of us.
  5. Whilst I agree that DDF is the best partner for Findlay in my opinion every manager has their favourites or players they feel they can rely on.
  6. Ok these are going to the trust now.
  7. Ok so I’ve still got these programmes. They are in good condition - in the box I have the programmes already mentioned, a couple of newspapers from the 2012 cup win, a few random ticket stubs, a couple of old season ticket books and a copy of the Everygame hardback book. The 97 cup final programme there too although it’s not in the best condition. As I said earlier they are free to the good home although I would be happy to see someone put a small donation of a couple of quid into the Killie Trust.
  8. This may turn out to be the worst post in the history of this website but I’ve got a box of Kilmarnock programmes in my shed. Very close to every home game from 1995-2002 roughly. They are free (with a donation to the Killie trust) to anyone who wants them and can collect from Southcraigs at some stage in the next couple of weeks. Why would this be the worst post? Purely because I know there has been mice in my shed at some stage so some, if not all, of the programs may have related damage. I’m going to check tomorrow to see how bad it is. First reply/PM gets them.
  9. Regarding bringing Johnson on its very easy after the game to manage it retrospectively. If AD had brought a midfielder on and the same result happened we would be asking why it wasn't a CB. If DDF had scored the OG some would've asked why Johnson wasn't given a chance. At the end of the day the players have let AD down, AD should've been able to bring on me and bute-killiefan with a couple of mins to go to add to the 9 professionals on the park already and expected us to see the job through.
  10. That’s Old Firm levels of paranoia and delusion mate.
  11. Extremely negative although you are entitled to your opinion. El Makrini for me has been better than Tsihbola was, in my opinion. Del Fabro I think has been superb. Branescu kept plenty of clean sheets which fair enough were down to tactics but he still kept them. Don’t think he was brought in as the number one goalkeeper but I would suggest Jamie was actively looking for a move. Jamie never seemed happy here. Nico has been ok and fans have short memories. Back in October/November time when we went 3rd we were all saying we didn’t miss GT. Strikers he signed were s**te/anonymous I won’t argue with that. As for the squad players - we needed numbers in drastically. It was going to take a major dip in form for the following players to be dropped from the starting 11 that AA inherited: SOD, Findlay, Rory, Power, Dicker, Burke, Brophy. Thats 7/11 who were almost guaranteed to start most weeks all season long. Add that to the goalkeeper situation, Nico for GT and Del Fabro being the biggest success of all his signings and that’s 10 positions pretty much filled so little opportunity for us to see anything of the squad players.
  12. Completely agree with all of that. I don’t want to run through the list of players we have lost since the SSC team who lost to the Dons in the 2018 replay but we are only a couple of good signings away from being a good side. Before anyone lays in with the “board have known that for a while/terrible transfer window(s)” abuse I know all of that and completely agree. Aberdeen have more big game players and winners than we do. We chucked it away on Wednesday but it’s hardly 3-0 at Somerset is it?
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    Don't know about anyone else but I enjoy it more when we win and the studio is full of greeting faced men.

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