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  1. Worked fine for me. Try all lower case for name-name-code
  2. Of course the keeper is at fault for the first goal but Power shouldn’t be immune to criticism when he’s not covered himself in glory for either goal
  3. Power was extremely poor for both goals - brushed off far too easily for the first then loses the ball with a stupid dribble for the second. Need to get a another starting CB in ahead of Broadfoot we seem to concede 2 a game with him at the moment. but Hibs away is never easy, Clarke never won at Easter Road so a bit of a reality check is needed. The matches against County and St Johnstone are where we really need to pick up points.
  4. With Brophy and Pinnock looking out for today we are already looking a bit stretched in the forward areas. Hopefully another forward and CB in and the squad is looking strong.
  5. Will be interesting if Eastwood or Rogers will be seen as a no1 or if it’s whoever impresses most in training. Would think Rogers will start tomorrow though
  6. Hibs saying that our match won’t be one of their chosen home games for pay per view.
  7. Think Findlay should have played it to his left side instead of right. Good work by Kabamba and great to see Kiltie get another goal - if Brophy is injured it could open the door for a start next week for him.
  8. Any idea if a 4th CB will come in? Dicker could cover but wouldn’t be confident if he had to play there regularly
  9. Tshibola plays best in a 2 and with 442 Dyer’s favoured formation then it would make sense. Also there were a lot of calls for Dicker and El Makrini to be dropped last season when we had some awful performances so I’d welcome more competition and Tish back.
  10. Any idea when the friendly vs Livi is taking place? Would guess tomorrow or Wednesday if we have another game on Saturday?
  11. Is Brindley’s position CM? Seemed quite an attacking team second half, Cameron, Connell, Hooper and Pinnock as the front 4 with Kiltie more central?
  12. Would like to see him get some more chances but won’t pretend I’ve seen enough of him to know his current level. If he can break into the team then great but still think one more CM would be useful.
  13. Good that we seem to be adding more competition up front and in the wide positions but can’t help but feel we need a younger CM. Power, Dicker and El Makrini all 30+ with little goal threat or creativity. A box to box midfielder who could add some goals and even add competition to the established players could be good.
  14. Think we could really do with some more pace in the team - on the wings and also a bit more youth in central midfield. would love a player with the same style as Liam Kelly who offers a bit more of a goal threat
  15. Disappointed to see SOD go as he’s been a good player for 3 years in a position we had struggled in for a while before. Of course we would rather he stayed but I think people need to remember that football is a short career, and most of those in the SPFL do not make enough money to be set for life. If he can earn £500/£1000 more a week at Dundee Utd or Aberdeen then of course he is going to take it.

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