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  1. Disappointed to see SOD go as he’s been a good player for 3 years in a position we had struggled in for a while before. Of course we would rather he stayed but I think people need to remember that football is a short career, and most of those in the SPFL do not make enough money to be set for life. If he can earn £500/£1000 more a week at Dundee Utd or Aberdeen then of course he is going to take it.
  2. That’s the league officially ended with Celtic champions and Hearts relegated. Not the season we wanted after the last couple of years which makes a big Summer of rebuilding needed. We will miss the away points at Tynecastle next season, our away form was awful this year. Hopefully some younger players in, but realistically who knows what next season will look like? If there are no fans I don’t understand how we could pay players without the match day revenue.
  3. Aberdeen now winning 2-1. Big 25 mins ahead. time for Kiltie to come on
  4. Both Aberdeen goals came from players being unmarked and our defenders taking up “General” positions. I understand an automatic reaction is to guard the front post but we didn’t need Dicker and Broadfoot a few yards from each other with no Aberdeen player near them. Space doesn’t score goals, players do. Agree that the crosses were let in far too easy as well so hopefully the defence do the basics better tomorrow
  5. Liam Smith came on - has he been loaned back for the rest of the season from Man City?
  6. Small squad and Ageing midfield showed tonight. Once again we concede right before half time/full time by giving away a stupid free kick. Then ET giving away a penalty (couldn’t see the challenge but the ball looked out?). No pace to bring us up the park but 2 subs and 3 goals conceded in last few mins. At a loss for words
  7. And Brophy makes it 2-1...
  8. Great performances all over the pitch today! Brophy has been crying out for a strike partner so delighted he’s back on form now. Niko has his best game for a while, Tavernier must hate playing against McKenzie as he doesn’t give him any room. Amazing celebrations from the bench, even the players who weren’t in the squad like St Clair, Broadfoot and some of the youth players were loving it. Big big win to start a massive week
  9. Anyone know when Bunn is expected to be back? Strange Dyer said Findlay was the only injury worry when Bunn has missed the last 2 games
  10. 5 of the goals from set pieces? Hopefully something we’ve been working on and can get us some points over the next few weeks. Set pieces can make such a difference - Rangers have struggled in multiple games this year but won from a late goal from a corner on a few occasions and picked up multiple points
  11. Made some good runs beyond the defence and also played some good first time passes into the forward areas. Promising first appearance- can hopefully contribute in the next few months
  12. I’ve never felt less confident in the team than the past few weeks - you honestly struggle to pick a player who you think can contribute with a goal. We went through a similar spell with Clarke too so it does beg the question why an attacking mid hadn’t been identified for the Summer. Dicker and Power’s goal return is woeful. Need to contribute a lot more from midfield if the team is struggling like it has been
  13. Our run of fixtures is horrendous after the break. The new players need to hit the ground running or we’re going to be in serious trouble St Johnstone away is already looking like a must win
  14. Interesting to see St Clair still in training. Think he was injured at the end of the year so if we don’t have any players in by Queens Park then would like to see him in the 10 role seen as there are a lack of options and nobody who has played it has looked very creative
  15. Couldn’t agree more. Would be 100x better off wirh a midfield that was able to drive forward and pressure opposition further up. At this rate I don’t think there’s anyone who could complain at Power and El Makrini being dropped if new players were to come in

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