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  1. Will not be asking for any money back, we get the family season and is well worth it in the first instance.
  2. They fairly liked the darts tunes in the sports bar singing about Peter Wright and Gary Anderson. Also a wee rendition of The Boxer.
  3. Kaiserslautern boys were brilliant. What a credit to have relationship like that.
  4. These things happen Del Boy. Deal with it. Penalties aren’t a given to be scored.
  5. Rory was my MOTM. Was all over the place trying to win the ball and get us going.
  6. Got to be la bamba for me.
  7. The E Mail I received has mentioned smart/casual and states no jeans, trainers and no football colours.
  8. The three in the middle seem to have a bond and its great to see. After his goal the whole team went in to congratulate the goal. Gordon parks must be ragin. Forza Killie
  9. Pretty poor to get him running an 11k just after all the fancy GIFs he has managed.
  10. Bruce is unreal. Strolled every game
  11. I’m going 3-0. Brophy x 2 and Millar. Always the optimist.
  12. Hopefully we liaise and tell them to get to. It’s beyond pathetic trying to spin this any other way than them to blame. As has been said they were the problem.
  13. Let’s get behind the team from the start of the season and see where it takes us. Europe won’t define our season and was a welcome bonus. KTID.

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