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  1. Please don’t listen to these so called fans. These morons were dragged up not brought up. Please don’t let it get you down. Keep on supporting your team. Real fans are behind you
  2. And that is why Scottish football will never be taken seriously. We are a joke because of the referees and the clowns who run Scottish football. How do we. The fans who pay their wages change this. We are all hurting after this but it’s the same thing week in week out. Somethings got to change
  3. Agree mate 100%. Am sorry but we weren’t up for it today. Dons started offf at a good pace. They were up for it. But refereeing decisions. Never seen anything like it. Surely as a club we have to say something. Have had a few beers but that is the worst refereeing I have seen in 45 years supporting Killie Dons are cheating you know what.Sadly I think that’s the final nail in coffin for Clarke. If they offer him Scotland job then he would be a fool to take it. Corrupt bastards. Sorry about the language. Must be the lager but that’s how I feel. I know nothing will change but we can’t sit back an
  4. Just heard he’s away. Lebanon’s in till end of season
  5. Every fan should boycott Ibrox and Parkhead. Not fair on our team but why give those useless bastards our money. Put the money away for future season ticket
  6. Useless lazy overpaid. Need I say more about Strathclyde polis. Oh forgot cowards
  7. Thought the red card was harsh. Madden couldn’t get his red card out quick enough. Complete joke. Club will probably get a fine for the stewards and especially the police for not doing their job. Then the prick taking selfies with the players You couldn’t make it up when the OF come to town
  8. He’s a hun now get over it
  9. Couldn’t give a rats arse what the OF do. Let’s go out try to win our games and enjoy it. Where we are just now is incredible let’s enjoy it Win our games that’s all we can do. Been a supporter for 50 odd years am like a 12 year old going to the games. We’ve seen the good and bad but this is up there with the best. So let’s not give the bigots up the road a second thought Let’s all enjoy And let’s all enjoy Europe next season
  10. Agree with you. Whether he has a good game or bad game when he’s attacking a defender your on the edge of your seat For all you fans who criticise him you really will have something to moan about when he goes He will be a massive miss