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  1. Rose's are paper I love a killie pie No matter how we play I'm killie til I die
  2. Absolutely outstanding from everyone YNTTK!
  3. Bojan Perez not bad but not that good Ethier just meh for me
  4. You are a f*****g clown, give AA a chance came to us when we dont have a scouting network or a massive budget, we are making progress, tonight was a poor game but im backing him and the players all the way, KTID
  5. We did sing f**k the sfa then a few clowns started to say snp. Killie is for everyone keep politics away from the football
  6. one of my mates has pulled out free ticket going if anyone wants it(kids ticket never pay full price will get in nae bother)
  7. got back from kaiserlautern on monday first time over we were too young to remember the original game but knew of the connection so we priced it up and the flights to frankfurt were only £20. We were made to feel welcome will definately be back had a great time would recommend to everyone atmospeher was electeic. Over land and over sea we're kaiserlautern and killie
  8. we've got alex dyre alex dyre and stevie clark we've got alex dyre and we play at rugby park. to the tune of dancing in the dark bruce springsteen