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  1. Merry Christmas lads I hope you have both a safe and Good one. All the best from down south
  2. apologies t'internet innit sometimes humour's missed
  3. Not Shand, James Shan ex Wallsall and Sheffield Wednesday player. He ran our academy, and took over While we were waiting for Slav. he almost got us up. He said when he left that he wanted to become a manager
  4. Really? I don't Charlton much but he was their saving grace when that belgium geezer took over. I'd try and get Jimmy Shan because you have more cash than Solihull Moors and he almost took us up
  5. Inexperienced true. from that market which was posted realistically I would go for either keen or powell
  6. Just taken a job at our academy and is studying for his UEFA badges I'm sorry can't see it happening
  7. 4 names stand out RDM (he'd require a massive budget) Chris Powell outstanding at charlton. Big Dave just because it's Big Dave (Darren Moore) Kevin Keen worked under Steve Clarke at ours. just stay away from Pulis
  8. Before big Dave got the push last season I had an acquaintance who I thought was a friend in fact in the past I helped them secure parking closer to The Hawthorns when their Dad was ill. Darren Moore got the push Neil was linked. Then I was all the C words under the sun and we were their next game. To Neil's credit, he parlayed the interest into better contract. But then the person I was having aggro with started gloating. So I broke contact. This brings us to Monday last and Austin's late penalty. As fans were going back to the coaches we had the gormless minority try to start stuff
  9. can only score from the spot, yet, cry like babies when one goes against them. in 22 games they've had 9 pens they need someone who can score in open play if they want catch leeds or us. As I said such players in the winter window are super expensive. If you do sell him the board should make out like bandits
  10. Thing is january replacement are super expensive our tranfers (WBA) look to be Gayle and locking down Pereria which could cost upto £23m. So if PNE want Brophy I hope your board charges them the going rate for a championship striker £5m-£11m
  11. still there played the other week when we beat the horrible scummers It appears he's injured forgive me but I was trying to avoid bodly harm at the time they have real chips of their shoulders Small man Small club syndrome
  12. Shame if he does as PNE are a c**t of a club. excuse my language
  13. sorry mate never liked Merrick plus the c**t didn't give us gayle back
  14. That would break my heart. Them scutters deserve Pardew I bathe in their misery, but, thats just me like
  15. Isn't really Steve Bruce then, Whose just s**t
  16. Nah he was great before Steve Clarke. It also fairly easy to be ripped off especially if you put your trust in the wrong people
  17. You know I never lied to you about Mulumbu. I'm sure Anichebe would score in Scotland. However, and it's a big one we had a hell of a job keeping him fit. This was years ago too. Personally he's too much of a risk, plus we played him as a sub because he couldn't do 90 minutes
  18. Good assessment that it's getting to squeaky bum time and I think we still need a winger and a forward
  19. Well he was a coach at Chelsea they don't hire rubbish admittedly they also don't keep them around long From what I've read of him I'd rather have someone like him at the Hawthorns (being a Baggie) than a pulis type The time his spent at Juventus. He could be to Killie what Ardiles RDM was to us
  20. Maybe the Club should appoint someone else for the pressers until his English gets better. It's unfair of the press to misconstrue what he says especially coming after success in Steve Clarke. Posative doesn't sell papers though. It's an intriguing choice of manager, I wonder if after Thursday Chelsea will help him out
  21. Yeah I would say so, but, he breaks our wage structure we could have afforded him had Rondon gone to Newcastle if Rafa stayed. Gayle would come the other way Prem Blame Pulis for overpaying on British Players, then not playing them! Interestly Burke's just deleted all his social media stuff except for celtic which I'd love to unload him. Thing is Brendon Rodgers loved Burke Lennon didn't. They fannied about with both Harper and Sawyers which alowed alowed us to re-sign Harper and Poach Sawyers. I imagine they'd baulk at the £10+m price tag for Burke. If we got rid of him there would be a chance to sign Gayle
  22. Nobody's in for him at the moment. He was our record signing signed in the prem. so wages were £70kpw so with relegation clause it's about half that now. I can see him being shipped at Christmas. Not being johnny bigballs but if he doesn't work under Bilic his asking price was close to Rondon's £16.5m, so, I think we'd be looking for £12m
  23. My condolences mate, First game's Forest away so it'll be a test
  24. Need a couple more players for the Bilic Revolution. Plus we've screwed over celtic twice which is always funny If we keep Phillips and get Pereira and Albien Ajeti it will be a good window for us. We do need to go up this year as the owner wants out. Bilic seems to be up there with both Shan and Clarke for wanting to play and motivate our youngsters it looks promising hopefully an automatic place should be attainable