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  1. There is a vast difference there's industrial estate's everywhere around that area, where as most of the industries that were in the Kilmarnock area have been shut down or relocated elsewhere.
  2. You only need to drive around Motherwell and the surrounding area to see the difference in the 2 area's.
  3. Think he'll be out to prove he is a £5m player and not a free agent, which should be good for us.
  4. What you going to tell my missus on me.
  5. Same for you hahaha
  6. Couldn't give a f**k who sponsors him as long as he keeps clean sheets.
  7. Welcome Danny wishing you many clean sheets.
  8. The absolute state of some of our clubs supporters is embarrassing, Privileged doesn't even come close.
  9. What bank was that, anytime you want to change anything with my bank you need to book an appointment.
  10. A bit of a mare, sitting enjoying some food and maybe a wee drink or two knowing full well that the shop shuts at 4pm, he then rocks up to the door at 3:58pm and spits the dummy because he didn't get in, then comes on here giving it the big I am. Sorry that's absolutely bang out of order to me.
  11. He certainly isn't coming across that way on here.
  12. Hard audience the day hahaha.
  13. Garvis

    El Makrini

    Rumour is he was supposed to get the operation when the league finished but the operation was put on hold due to Covid-19. Don't know if true or not but I do know lots of operations were put on hold.
  14. Have you ever tried looking on the bright side of life.

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