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  1. FTAD


    90 minutes in the second leg of the 1990 Uefa Cup final for Angelo.
  2. Boyd was never capped until he went to Rangers.
  3. FTAD


    Add to that Fabio Capello, Giovanni Trappatoni, Marcello Lippi, Arrigo Sacchi, Carlos Quieroz and who knows how many more!
  4. Any player who has been registered with a foreign association needs it. And yes, The FA is classed as being foreign.
  5. Yep. No football fan has ever been taken in by smoke and mirrors by owners, boards of directors or managers.
  6. Rory is a smashing squad player. His work rate and commitment cannrsrelt be called into question. However, his decision making and intelligence leave a lot to be desired and I think undermine his ability.
  7. The best thing about this thread is the number of supposed grown adults who have made it through life not understand their pay slips. Fair play.
  8. FTAD


    We managed a better result at home to Aberdeen than Sir Steve ever managed in his tenure. What does that count for? Absolutely chuff all but hopefully underlines that yesterday's outcome was actually quite positive
  9. FTAD

    Sports bar

    Because you can't change the price according to the day of the week. Any promotion has to run for 72 consecutive hours. In an industry where margins are fine, the 20p likely makes a difference. The time saved is even more marginal.
  10. FTAD

    Floriano Vanzo

    Seemingly been troubled by injuries in Belgium. 22 games last season though so not a terrible return. "The Belgian-Italian front will try a new adventure abroad. When he arrived in Waasland-Beveren four and a half years ago, Floriano Vanzo could not express his talent. The 25-year-old has too often been hampered by injuries, but the Leeuwen will still retain some nice goals. He had scored four last season, his best total. It should, according to our information, engage very quickly with the Scottish club Kilmarnock . The player and his entourage go this Wednesday to conclude the deal and then sign a two-year contract." https://www.walfoot.be/news/2019-08-07/floriano-vanzo-va-quitter-la-belgique/amp?__twitter_impression=true
  11. Aye. Hunners of news but we are keeping it to ourselves. What do you think, ya clown.
  12. A very reliaby source tells me that the club are very concerned over this move. Bent over backwards to keep Kirsten, tried to pay her off with a non disclosure agreement attached. Instead Kirsten stuck to her guns and put her notice in. Why the club acted like this? Don't know.
  13. By my count 5 goals from open play last year. 6 penalties and 1 free-kick. Only 3 goals in 2019, 2 from the penalty spot.
  14. In training the pitch looked to be running far far too fast. In competition the pitch ran far too slow. Felt like it needed watered and then once it had the entire Firth of Clyde tipped on it it looked too heavy. Hey ho.

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