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  1. Any word yet on how the witch-hunt sorry investigation is going? Would be good to get the Motherwell game scheduled in November before a busy schedule list in December
  2. Seems a long time ago
  3. Was it a penalty couldn’t see what happened?
  4. 9 out of 10 times we would have walked away with at least a point today if not 3, Hibs are a very good side, some of the best play from a visiting team I have seen at rugby park this season and Killie still dominated them in the second half, gutted at losing, but heartened by the Killie performance
  5. Yes was excellent cameo type of player we have been looking for also thought Kiltie grew into the game more attacking options
  6. He looked more aggressive today, excellent performance dicker had a poor first half although thought he was ok second half. A few good performances today. Was thinking brophy should have come off at half time but he proved me wrong, needs a goal though, bit of confidence and he will go on a run
  7. Looks like dangerous very pleased big shoes to fill but thought he added a new threat
  8. Brilliant to see him back he has the potential to be a world class player, game time with us could make for a defining season for him, excited to see what he can do
  9. 1997 first time I ever saw my father shed a tear, however last game against Rangers is a close second the atmosphere at Rugby Park was amazing. Couple of other moments worth a mention, staying up at Easter Road last day of the season first year back in the top flight, and although not a big match, coming back with 10 men to beat Dundee, for a second it felt like perhaps the Steve Clarke bubble had burst, but bringing on a striker, one of the best team goals and individual goals later l walked out thinking something special was happening at Rugby Park.
  10. Cult heroes like that idea, could try and get a starting 11. Any suggestions, who makes the team.......Gary Locke too much of a dark comedy.
  11. Fantastic player, excited to see the level he can reach with another season and more games under his belt, plus his celebration at St mirren was class. Lets hope we get it over the line.
  12. Thanks for the positive comments, had fun putting it together, so many amazing moments under Sir Steve, lets hope for more this season. Looking for a new project now any ideas?
  13. Reminder of how we got to Europe, bit long but worth the ending, hope you enjoy
  14. Its a part time gig anyone know if mulumbu's granny ever ate a haggis