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  1. Surely if there's a reduced capacity, its outdoor and masks are mandatory we'd be good to go, i'm not a massive fan of wearing one but I'd do it happily to get into the football
  2. Theres a huge gap in our support where people have gotten older and stopped going through disinterest, there was an upturn in attendance because we were doing well under ssc- its the same folk that only go to the games when we play Ayr in the cup for lack of a better term "glory hunters". I'm 22 and can now say none of the boys that used to have season tickets along with myself when we were younger have continued to take one up. My dad and I still go to the games and im looking to get myself a season ticket when things are clearer financially. I don't think there's much more you can do for what's happened to the majority of folk my age group, I think its more important we get the younger age groups hooked and better educate them what it means to be a fan.
  3. Think this top is great, reckon we'll either have yellow shorts or socks or something so that its a bit easier to differentiate between us and the likes of Celtic etc
  4. Don't get it twisted I don't think cosgrove is a good player, but he puts the ball in the net for Aberdeen, if Whitehall does that we'll be golden
  5. Definitely need more bodies to play upfront if we're not convinced with Cameron just yet, a good option to bring off the bench if anything worth a punt reminds me of Cosgrove and look how he's developed in the league- hate watching him play but if he was on your team you'd love him
  6. If available he's worth it, would be that creativity we're missing, one of the best players I've seen in a Killie shirt in recent times
  7. Really liked the signing to start with, like it even more after watching that seems a cracking guy to have around the place. Winning him over with other clubs up here and down south interested well done Fow think we've a good one here
  8. Seems exactly the kinna player we need, still young but has loads of experience in the league already, fits into the trend of honest hardworking players, fullback has been key to our recent successes. Hoping to see him in the blue and white soon
  9. Happy that it'll be bespoke every year, even happier for the club that its a record deal !
  10. Performances of late make me say its still on, due a bit of luck I'd say. Its not how you start its how you finish.
  11. maxyboy


    Tough game, reckon they're still very inconsistent even though their form of late has been decent. Don't gift them any easy chances and we've a good chance at home for another win on the trot potentially huge game in the run in, to finish top 6 we've got to take advantage of playing at home in 4 of the final 7 league games. Can see it being down to at home to livi on the last day right enough
  12. Its the type of game to experiment a wee bit in can't just keep playing the same lineup given our side has a fair few 30 year olds in it, wingbacks in theory should work for us given both like getting forward will either work a treat or be a disaster the key is one of the midfield 3- I'd imagine Rory to fill in at full back when SOD gets forward to guard against fast counters. I foresee a slog it out draw and a replay at RP
  13. Livi and the well will have a blip at some point in the season, can we take advantage when they drop points and beat them when we play them is the biggest factors I feel. Still think the squad has the pedigree to finish as high as 5th this season but it'll take some doing and things going our way with other teams. I think hibs although improved are too inconsistent to really pull away
  14. I park at Tesco now much easier, just a wee walk through the park and up to TTOP, not had one bit of bother regarding maximum stay etc
  15. It was definitely soft, just one of those things he should be using the heed in late game situations. Good to hear he came into the dressing room and apologised thankfully it was only for making it uncomfortable for his teammates. As pissed off as I was last night the results in the books, he’ll likely be first choice for the majority of the rest of the season hope he can put it right I’ll back him.

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