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  1. I chose not to get the ppv for the first time this season, looks like it was justified Aberdeen just seem to have our number. Hopefully AD can change something to get us in the game
  2. Aberdeen vs Kilmarnock Ross County vs Celtic confirmed
  3. Got to go 2 up front again, we’ve tried the keeping it tight against Aberdeen the last couple seasons and it doesn’t work as they’re so much better suited to getting something from nothing than we are.
  4. Getting shots away early as long as they’re on target I don’t mind, can cause mistakes and easy tap ins from rebounds most of the time we don’t shoot enough and try to walk it in
  5. He’s the kind of player we’ve missed in the games before, just being able to link things from middle to front need to fit him in the team so long as he’s working as hard as he did today
  6. Can we all collectively shhhh the AD thread for at least this week ?? It’s been coming we’ve deserved to win a couple games before good 3 points boys
  7. Kiltie needs to play, he makes such a difference to linking the play and getting the balls in the final third. Both strikers scoring brilliant keep it going
  8. I think it’s a 442 w Rossi at right back and kiltie on the left
  9. Love the guy, if he’s anything like last time it’s a no brainer he’s just got more quality than most players in this league. Not known for picking a pass in the premier league in England but up here looks like he can be effective going forward too. Delighted to have him back one of few players we’ve had recently that I’m a bit star struck whenever I see him around the place. Straight into the side tomorrow for a hat trick
  10. I think they’ll be a few goals in this tomorrow always seems to be whenever we play them. Eradicate the mistakes (hopefully) get the win 2-1 killie
  11. Saw him in the Park hotel on Sunday, followed by Dicker and Stu like 2 mins after. Involved with team meetings and game analysis already maybe?
  12. We’ve no played badly but if we canny use the ball you’re no getting anything out the game. Sooner we get back to two up front the better
  13. Kabamba on next to brophy for the last 20 we can nick it, same again shots from outside the box aren’t causing us too much bother. Rogers looking a safe pair of hands, McGowan looks just a bit off with his passing but that’s to be expected longer he plays with us he’ll meet the demands I’m sure
  14. We’ve started alright, they’ve no caused too many problems. Should’ve done better from that corner there looked like a chance
  15. Roofe will cause us some bother, he’ll be a good player in this league, canny afford broadfoot trying to gamble and getting turned around

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