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  1. Whilst were not playing free flowing attacking football scoring by the bucketload, were not conceeding at the back by the bucketload & looking solid, we scapping points & sitting second, you dont win league trophies in September but you can lose them. only worry would be our most important games we didnt turn up.
  2. Are we gonna be playing for the Hairshire Cup,
  3. Too be fair he came in with a ex Hibs player they didnt want to lose which prob made him out to be better than he is why else would hibs get rid if he was that good, maybe their chris messi johnson, hoofball is never gonna suit a winget never mind a midfielder in our squad. Trouble is he disappears in games & we don't have a hood enough squad to carry anyone as all our scrappy performances have shown, were not gonna blow anyone away and win league at a canter
  4. Our style of play in hoof ball....
  5. There can only be one..... Paska a complete one off.... Legend
  6. Both wingers having a bad game but surely murray was worse than mckenzie, at least he wasn't hidding,
  7. we've been honking so far but its still 0-0 for all there dominance
  8. looks cracking but do they do it in stripes
  9. He's never gonna be messi but imagine playing over 200 games for our club & getting grief for every single one, if only he had been a signing & not a local lad product of our youth development he'd be a hero
  10. So somehow ended up in partick this morning, can you patg, would even consider home end
  11. Very hard fought win yesterday, fair play to Morton for coming and having a go, our build up is slow unless were humping it up the park, think we'll struggle against teams that come and just sit in,
  12. Good signing... hopefully some freebie strikers to come to
  13. We really need to be busy next few days, were lacking creativity & pace in the squad in general, results have masked the urgent need for a striker or two as i've said many times a good striker can convert draws to wins & defeats to draws or even wins. Cameron is not the answer, he makes Boyd look like Usain Bolt, lack of quality movement in the box like beating defender at near post, that maybe down to lack in confidence he has at moment.
  14. I'm sure it was said budget would be the same no matter what division we were, so think we'd be looking at this squad no matter what division we were in our budget must be biggest in division tho