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  1. Weird how the SPFL can't understand that the amount of season ticket sold varies from season to season so i smell s***e
  2. I'm all for change to break the monotony of playing same team 3 or 4 times a season depending if you finish top six or bottom Six, but this change has to be a permanent fixture not just for two years to save the Hearts, there getting the same sort of entitled right that mob fae govan would want. increase the league so that we play home and away and not one that panders to the bigots day oot for 4 games a season
  3. Would the streaming by Killie TV only cover home games as they happen with maybe delayed showing of away game (full game or highlights) as they wouldn't have the rights to show this live like the home team, unless they come to an agreement with the home team to pay part of the subscription (like an away fan attending the actual game)
  4. Sky have always been able to do this, every match on a Saturday at 3pm is shown in Thailand so it can be done. will this eventually mean that attending the match will be a thing of the past as i hear numerous times that in particular the EPL that folk actual going to the games is a hindrance as they don't need the money due to bumper SKY contract, i know were not at that stage but if take up numbers are sufficient this will do away with having to pay for stewarding, t-shops and other match day staff.
  5. if true would also confirm dyer has gig. as why would we be signing players new manager wouldnt want.... unless were hiring a coach to coach players and fowler just signs them hoping coach can develop them
  6. do we think Ally Taylor has been tapped up, knocking back contract when just about to be knocking on first team door.
  7. 100% fit naisy every day of the week, he would defo would help develop brophy, but bit of a gamble to risk wage structure as he would be top earner to have him sitting in the stand where funds could be used else where
  8. The BBC and STV are more concerned which cold firm player is the player of the 3/4 year to care about anything else in scottish football
  9. why would the cold firm give up the monoply if wasting young talent
  10. why would clubs vote for this temporary change, to effectively relegate three teams in two seasons time, if budge things this is for the better of scottish football then promote three teams fae championship & relegate hearts, oh wait this pish is only to save hearts, if we vote for this then serious questions would need to be asked
  11. agree that broadfoot & findlay were the partnership that got us third in the league and deserve some recognition, but couldnt really understand us buying a 35 year old player we had freed 6 months earlier who couldnt get a game for stmirren
  12. trenwick


    so we gave the job to dyer i guess pochettino knocked it back.... an easy appointment as bowie knows dyer wont be banging door looking for backing in transfer window like a manager freshly appointed. going down the loan route again, just a thot does the transfer window move to coincide with when football starts again
  13. social distancing will have a great say in season tickets sales as you would need 2 metres all around you, how do you get into your seat if peoole aready in your row.... also with potential redundancies once furlough period is done why would people make a large non essential purchase knowing funds could be more useful in essential non social items also when would you be able to actually physically see football again so even if buying a season ticket gave you access to maybe live streams of killie games surley purchasing killie tv which provides both home & away coverage is cheaper
  14. seen this back to our stripes but with a wee nod to the 150th kit
  15. thot as a break thru season he did ok, good engine to get up & down the park, got into good positions needs to work on his crossing, defensivley ok but most will come with experience, well done niko

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