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  1. looks like we need 2 keepers
  2. I can't believe we've sold our sole, used to laugh at Man City, Arsenal, Livy etc for taking the buck to sell stadium rights.... did we even asked the Colenel Sanders if he'd be interested, The KFC Bargain Bucket has a ring to it did we even put the idea about other folk and get the best deal we could, highly doubt it...
  3. great aberdeen game was meant to be on sky, they'll b raging martin tyler "grass growing at mcdermid park and it's LIVE"
  4. Jamie Murphy's stats are not bad from last season at loan at Burton 10 games 7 goals
  5. Just seen Septic been linked with Steven Fletcher..... that will send them into meltdown aswell in the week Sevco spend 10 mil
  6. to nullify Fringpong just ask Power to ask him to make those screeching noises again.....
  7. surely we must have some sort of budget left as we've be needing someone in the middle of the park that can unlock defences for seasons now,
  8. did stewart not hav a go a fat boy traynor, so bbc binned him, was the old decent pundit on there
  9. I really think the only really worrying thing from watching them yesterday, was they scored 5 goals without getting our of 1st gear, if we learn from Hamilton mistakes as they seem to play around them, didn't stop the crosses, if were compact and in their faces i think we can cause an upset.
  10. i think howe has taken bournmouth as far as he could, been there a while so possible gone stale, wont be out work long
  11. we need pace in our team, if fact were so slow in our build up even broadfoot could get back in position
  12. Rui miguel the only player i've seen have to shots at goal in same match go out for throw ins
  13. us to be relegated seriously why are these idiots getting paid, joe aribos not even the best player in the hoose never mind country, and all those journos predicting that newco will win there first trophies, plus hearts will f it up
  14. is that our fox in the box signing

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