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  1. I don’t think where they’re from is being rammed home enough here, needs to be less subtle.
  2. My boss played for Morton in the 90s and said McCluskey was the most unplayable he was ever up against. Apparently one of the photos on the wall inside RP is him getting nutmegged by George. He also harps on about how he marked Henrik Larsson and didnae give him a sniff of the net so high praise indeed!
  3. Think some of you are being incredibly harsh. Guy is struggling financially, sure plenty of us would never want to be in such a situation, taking advantage of that by offering 50 notes on a fully signed top is beyond snidey.
  4. I won this top in a Standard competition where you had to send in the answers to a Killie quiz. Back when you couldnae just Google the answers!
  5. Remain unconvinced by “everything Bowie has done for the club”. End of the day, his introductory involvement with KFC was as a business partner of the most derided figure in our history, and one which he benefited from massively. What is his rough investment? I’m not sure that it’s the gargantuan figure many think. Has his investment been entirely benevolent or has he gotten any of it back? Seems to me that we had a massively increased income last season and it’s not entirely obvious where that has gone.As regards Steve Clarke, if you think it was Billy Bowie’s idea or contact who got him up here you’re delusional. I do respect the fact that those responsible don’t take all the plaudits for that one though, cos they deserve it more! Totally concede most of above is conjecture, but no more conjecture than “Billy Bowie is the saviour of our club”. And perhaps more balanced than “BB is a fraud”. He’s at best somewhere in the middle. And we are - tellingly - still without a chairman.
  6. Can’t believe some of you want an Ayr strip again. On par with the needless orange monstrosities of recent years. BIN.
  7. Comparing win percentages over such small periods of time is a total nothing statistic. It also doesn't take into consideration the undeniable fact that we were a team with an excellent defensive record under AA, and in Dyer's "interview spell" were beyond honking. I don't hate O'Donnell but I do think given he's been utter guff for quite some period of time - until quite recently, as mentioned - he's in absolutely no position to be commenting on anyone else. Focus on your own performance fella, you really need to.
  8. aumgn


    Cerny is currently doing his PGDE and will be a probationer PE teacher next year so he’s oot an all!
  9. It’s an absolute gutter but it’s absolutely not harder to take than CQ, come on.
  10. Absolutely. Whether you like a player or not, when they join the team it’s entirely daft to not support part of that team. Honestly think some folk just like something to moan about and have a strong opinion on.
  11. Max stays in supermarket car parks are never enforceable. They’ll send you a fine, just ignore it. All that said, apart from an OF match or a big cup game I don’t think I’ve ever had to park any further away than around about the Kadi, ie 10 mins walk. If such a distance is really putting folk off going to the fitba (assuming they’re not infirm or disabled), I’d suggest they need to get a grip!
  12. Half a ton on a striped tshirt in a box. Phew.
  13. I’ll go out on a gigantic limb here and say we’re possibly catering to a smaller crowd of potential buyers than Milan.

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