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  1. Pat Bonner only has eyes for Celtic. The rest is plucked out his head and completely made-up puff. Same goes for Willie Miller and Aberdeen, and a whole collection of ex-Rangers who can’t see a single thing beyond Ibrox. Being broadly informed about the game in general doesn’t seem to be part of their remit. We’re really poorly served in general as a nation by our pundits and sports reporters alike, which is a real shame.
  2. Travis


    I’m fascinated by the group of people who dish out red cards out to anyone who calls our keepers into question. Is it that you want to support Killie players no matter what? Is it the instinct to be contrarian and like players more the more they’re criticised? Or are you actually seeing something there? I’m reading things like ‘Well, you can’t expect a Bachmann every season’ as a reason not to criticise, but I don’t think anyone’s suggesting that we do expect that. If anything, the only point many people are making is that we really, really hope whoever is recruiting players for next season has at least one good keeper very, very high up their to-do list. We’ve a strong history of excellent keepers and we need another one. I don’t think there’s much value in racing to criticise our own players, but there’s even less in blindly pretending the keepers don’t have an influence on various aspects of the team - defensive organisation and confidence, communication, distribution etc. We’ve got them until the end of the season so I hope they do as well as possible, but also looking ahead and really hoping we have a strong, commanding keeper next season as I reckon it’s one of the potential differences between top and bottom six. PS. I'm assuming from the red cards that some of you don't want a decent keeper next season. Which, got to be honest, seems more than a little masochistic. Bloody perverts.
  3. I find it impossible to believe that there aren’t free transfers out there who would improve our first XI, give us some options or create a wee bit of competition. Short-term appointment of an inexperienced manager clearly continuing to hamper us in getting current players signed up and new faces added. We should be adding players tomorrow morning - give them contracts to end of season and get them on the pitch.
  4. I can’t take the meltdown this will provoke. So many things to lose the plot over. One wee snippet of how annoying Radio Scotland was: “I’m just happy that a team have won it and it’s not gone to penalties where someone has to let their team down.” f**k off. We’ve just given away a penalty and own goal in last seconds of a game to chuck a cup tie; they’ve literally let their team down. Glaring lack of experience and match sense to be able to manage high-pressure moments.
  5. Travis


    I disagree. He’s 23 and still a young player with at least decade ahead of him. He’s still learning and has the potential to keep getting better.
  6. Our left side is clearly not as strong as our right side, and it would be nonsense to suggest otherwise. Both SOD and Burke are miles better than Niko and Mackenzie. That said, we do not have better options for either of those left-side positions and they’re both worthy of their place in the team. Rory isn’t, and never will be, one of the best players we’ve ever had. But he works his arse off every game and that’s worth a hell of a lot. I respect him for that. He never hides.
  7. Looks like we need to hope there’s something that Bunn can add as another option perhaps? With Kiltie as the only other attacking option we’re seriously short of choices beyond tonight’s starting eleven, which is clearly our best possible team. Dropping Mackenzie for Kiltie seems unlikely. Rory puts in the work to give Niko a bit of extra cover.
  8. Travis


    This is a good point. Brophy is still a young player, and is now in the early stages of learning how to play with a strike partner after years of being 50 yards from anyone in a Killie strip. It’ll take time but shows promise. And irrespective of anything else I absolutely love Brophy’s attitude.
  9. Travis


    Ah, those were the days! Early ‘90s football was f**king brilliant.
  10. Travis


    When he’s running back the length of the pitch to win the ball back, chasing shadows, closing down defenders, sorting out his own mistakes, defending from the front etc? I complete disagree. Poor man’s Firmino in that regard (which I view as a massive compliment). When he’s hell bent on cutting inside for a shot when there are various options open to him but the blinkers go up? Agree to an extent. Obviously if he could sort out the minor weaknesses in his game he’d be worth a fortune, but he’s a striker - they’re all about goals, so have no issue with his desire to keep chasing chances.
  11. Really frustrating defeat, as I think a point would have been the right outcome all round. They’re a decent team with dangerous players, but thought we were generally on top most of the game. A few point: - We had three very strong penalty shouts. At least one of them should have been given. - We need a keeper. - We need attacking options on the bench. They were able to change things and we weren’t. - Burke and O’Donnell were genuinely excellent. - How can you have that many excellent crosses and not get a head on to any of them? Kabamba and Brophy need to anticipate balls rather than waiting to see what happens. - It’s really f**king off-putting having a Hibs player with your name!
  12. He managed to make himself about three feet tall for their second goal. On the plus side, he’s marginally better than the other one.
  13. I would absolutely kill for a vaguely decent goalkeeper in this squad. Entertaining game so far and plenty good play. I’d say we’ve shaded it and Burke/SOD wing has been excellent.
  14. It became hugely unfashionable during the eras of 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3 variations, but there’s something hugely powerful about a front two partnership working well in combination. Not only has it arguably been the root of much of our successes over the last few decades, but there’s a real case to be made that modern defenders simply don’t know how to effectively manage a front two. There’s absolutely no doubt that there’s a quality player in Brophy in the right circumstances, and Kabamba is a real find.
  15. Awwww thanks! For one night only I love you all unconditionally and everything is f**king wonderful in the world! If anyone wants me to agree to any old bollocks, now’s your chance!

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