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  1. If Nouble gets recalled by Livi in Jan then their biggest player has gone. Low’s injury now will be a blow. Think ICT are more durable. I was impressed by Raith v Shellic. Played decent football. Will be a different challenge for us.
  2. OK I’ll start. Under McCulloch as manager, under golden shower boy, several indeed many performances under Dyer, ICT under Kenny, a number under AJ, v Gretna at Fir Park, some later JJ performances, East Stirling and Berwick in Div 2, many Clunie specials, Nomads, Cappielow, Coleraine, 0-3 at piggery, some right hammering in early 80s, Stirling 2-6, Alloa cup under BW, Clydebank 0-5
  3. Far far too early to chuck him under one of Bowie’s trucks. I’ll defend him . I think the lad has something. Confidence seems low. Tactics don’t help with the strengths he has.
  4. I don’t know what Boring Bob thinks but getting the Firhill Covid meant for me dodging a bullet tonight. Ha ha. Still tonight’s fiesta of football should be well received by the old skool ‘get it furrit’ brigade. Oooft tactics - who needs them?
  5. Interesting. Not completely surprised by Lyons’ inclusion as he certainly was dynamic when he came on against Jags.
  6. The Pleasuredome is just past Pleasureland.
  7. 'He was and still is a convenient whipping boy and he's on his own now as Ross Millen is away'. Rory will never be on his own as long as Haunstrup gets a game.
  8. Yes. Can’t see any possibility of either coming to ToP.
  9. Glad you are all ok. Great to meet. A cracking day.
  10. That bastardin COVID has taken me me out of Lichties game. Boring Bob as well I suppose. We were drinking in the Doublet - outside as well - nae hugs, snogs, sharing fags, spliffs, £20 notes - none of that nonsense. I blame the tiny Firhill pissoirs.
  11. Brilliant - so different from when I was at school in Irvine in 60s. Me and my mate Killie the rest Hunz. Always thought it was shocking. Then Shellic won EC and lo and behold bandwagon jumpers.
  12. Big lad looks a handful. Strength, height and good feet.
  13. Could be a good few more making the trip