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  1. I think the min number used to be 100 shares so the offer of 50 is possibly why it is only open to season tiket holders. Not sure why limit it though and thought they may have put together a scheme where any shares purchased could be proxy voted to The Trust. Many people are subscribing already monthly to The Trust and adding 50 more to my 100 shares mkes little difference but if collectivly via The Trust will keep increasing their share in the club towards one day fan ownership via The Trust?
  2. Utter rubbish today and we need a new manager and a few players as current run and form is worst for 3 years
  3. We need a striker and attacking midfielder or we will be one of those teams who play pretty football and lose every week.
  4. I am certain we would still be in Europe tonight if we had Steve Clarke. I fear we will look back and realise that the happy times ended tonight and back to normal service. I hope I am wrong but not felt this low for a long time. Was so looking forward to an away trip in Europe and all I have now is a large bill of nearly £500 to pay to remind me of what we should have been doing.
  5. I was not going to go but changed my mind and now got a car full as team deserves a big support after tonight
  6. The correct email is listed and is killiebus@hotmail.co.uk
  7. We have a season tickets for sale for the Burns Inn 20/20 supporters bus funds and we have an adult and two children for the East Stand all for a special price of £275. If interested please reply on forum or email killiebus@hotmail.co.uk We hope this special price can be used by a family to attend Rugby Park this season and they are available for next Saturdays home match against Hearts if you can get in touch ASAP.
  8. Sad news and thoughts with family & everyone that knew him. I have great memories of away days following Killie with him going back over 20 years and he was the best you could meet and fun to be around. A sad loss and will be sorely missed RIP
  9. Is it possible to take friends season ticket and purchase tickets for them when buying your own?
  10. Best £1 ever spent and no wonder he has hung on to the gravy train for so long as it just keeps giving?
  11. The problem is that £100k has to be raised by fans putting in cash and sorry but no one trusts Michael Johnson and it will be very hard to do that and convince fans if he is staying. On the other hand if the campaign was to raise money to get rid of MJ I am sure lots of people would be happy to pledge money including me. I will await with interest to see the details of the plan before I finally decide but from what I have been told so far I expect I will be keeping my money.
  12. The accounts confirmed a loss of over £700k to May 2015 and I see no reason to think things have been any better since.
  13. Agreed, I am all for the fans getting a seat on the board but not at the cost of £100k to keep these clowns going a bit longer and when the club are losing £700k a year will not stop the club running put of money or make any material difference to the decision making or ownership of the club. Keep any money to deal with the administrators and we may have a chance to save the club and gain real control such as Motherwell, Hearts etc.
  14. The one director one vote will have conditions and there is such a thing as "reserved matters" where certain decisions are excluded from the voting as they are deemed too important and the shareholding % is used and certain that this will include the appointment of directors at KFC.. I expect that anything other than minor decisions in the KFC board will be "reserved matters" as MJ would have this all written into the conditions before any new directors were allowed on the board.

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