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  1. Wingers should be able to play both sides. Burke should be back in next week or so which will help but surely Armstrong can play either side. Maybe Burrell could be put out wide
  2. 100% you’ll never know but I suppose that’s what the loan system is for. this season we need to get promotion so the manager isn’t going to go with inexperienced unproven players unless they are a special talent. If we were mid table championship regulars then it would be forced upon us to use youth more. With retaining a high budget compared to the rest we’re able to bring in ready made players. Signing 19 year old youth players from English sides though isn’t probably the best.
  3. Suppose you can only promote youth if there’s any talent to promote? clarke did rely on the more experienced heads and loans but he did use likes of Taylor regularly but he was another level. Frizzell and Wilson got runouts aswell but where are they now? Kiltie was deemed not good enough now doesn’t get a game with st mirren. club needs to be doing better at recruitment firstly then pushing for first team involvement. Problem is Tommy wright will have these boys on the bench but they won’t get a game unless we’re cruising, season is too important. That being said likes of warnock maybe could get a start instead of Murray and not make a massive difference to overall quality. Hopefully we’re a few points clear in the league and we can get the boys a runout and see what they’re made of.
  4. 1 goal conceded in 7. we’d have begged for that kind of defence last season. hearts conceded 24 all last season. If we can continue the way we are then we’ll be there or there abouts end of the season. we were dragged down to arbroaths level tonight. and were truly atrocious in attack, panicky. But we’ve shown in most games this season that we’re capable of some nice crisp passing and decent interchanges. Polworth and Mcginn normally involved. We still created 2/3 decent opportunities tonight when we kept the ball on the deck. the fact we resort to long ball at times is a large part to do with the opposition. every team we’ve played press relentlessly and sit deep. Arbroath we’re great tonight and never gave us a second.
  5. Goalie kept us in it. Murray the only other with pass marks. alston put a shift in but that’s about it
  6. If we had the likes of Murray and hemming playing last season we wouldn’t have gone down.
  7. Only positives there is we were absolutely shocking and still came away with a point and clean sheet. hemming is a gid keeper aswell
  8. Armstrong or polworth. Murray been stinking. how many overhit deliveries do we need before we realise to take some off it
  9. This, need to stop booting it, try and get it down and play. That being said we’ve no made a pass all night
  10. Panicking all over the place. Calm down ffs
  11. Hemming needs to stop punting it at Rory. No working, need to get it down and play.
  12. Clearly didn’t want the pen as his first goal 😂. What a ping that is
  13. Fantastic result. Expected a narrow win or draw. Good to hear we performed well. Hopefully some highlights at some point. Feared the worst when i saw shaw had missed a pen. Shows character to keep going and get a result as that could easily have given thistle a lift.
  14. Think this will be the case unless a good opportunity becomes available. we brought in hodson to cover Naismith which was needed. Stokes is close to being back so we’ll have 4 centre halves again. We’ve plenty cover for midfield. we now have 4 strikers/forwards. Shaw, Robinson Cameron and Burrell. All offer different things so we should have enough to make a good partnership and replacements to freshen.
  15. he's already admitted he prefers 2 up top. So far due to injuries or transfers he's not been able to start with 2. I fancy robinson and shaw will start the next game if fit. Difference to last season is we have a creative man in polworth in the midfield, alston also offers more going forward than power did.
  16. If we go 2 up top which i think we will next week, it'll be Robinson and Shaw which will cause teams more problems, most defences are tall solid players but robinson nipping at their heels should leave space for shaw. Middle 2 will be Alston and Mcginn. If we need to go for it then mcginn off for polworth. I think the middle 3 are different enough to play together. Certainly not the creative vacuum that power and dicker were last season. Mcginn clearly the sitting player, head always up for the pass, Alston tries to get things moving forward but can get stuck in aswell. Polworth clearly has the best vision and some of his passes are really good, he doesn't do the dirty side enough which is why i think he was hooked for Robinson.
  17. Game plan or style in games often goes out the window when opposition are trying to be hard to beat. Despite that At times in every game we’ve managed to get in behind teams and we’ve been let down with finishing. Every team against us so far this season has sat in deep, compact and played on the break, not dissimilar to how we played under Clarke. It’s very hard to break down. Celtic in particular who were flying at the time struggled to break us down despite their quality. results come first for me. If it’s 1-0 every game then I think majority would take it if it gets us back to top flight. there will be games this season where we’ll win by more and there’ll be games like ict and qos where we’re stifled and drop points. I feel we’re getting better, Shaw looks a good addition and Robinson is a handful. We will hopefully get more convincing soon.
  18. Lot of Moaning about the pass quality. first 20 minutes I thought we passed it about really well. Lot of passes through the lines and some decent moves between the midfield. Problem was Morton packed the box and left very little space for shots. After that the tempo dropped a lot. Jumped back up when Robinson came on. We’re capable, it’ll come
  19. We had some really nice passing and a few good opportunities first half especially first 20 mins. problem is we have a team in Morton sitting deep, leaves very little space to do anything. when we went to 2 up top Robinson caused a lot of bother for their defence and we started winning second balls. I thought they should’ve taken Rory off as he was having a poor game but the change worked. Lyons did well and moved the ball a bit quicker than Mcginn was.
  20. been a common theme for a couple years. We only got 1 goal or 2 from corners last season. Ayr game is the exception, we put quality ball after quality ball into the box and their keeper made some good saves and near misses.
  21. would make sense to keep him if he's close to a return. Already integrated with the team and you'd imagine was first choice as he was in the building quickly. Realistically we've got shaw starting, robinson will be back soon and cameron the other option. If burrell available then great. Unless we're signing a proper proven player then this is the market we're in anyway
  22. What positions do they play?
  23. Past 15 years or so we’ve always had 1 or 2 boys that make it onto the bench and get a couple appearances but then don’t make the step up. then the odd player like Ohara, Wilson or Ashcroft who got decent game time and then moved on. hopefully we can get a few challenging for a place this season.
  24. Are Falkirk highlights expected?