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  1. We are truly blessed to have so many supporters with Adonis-esque physiques.
  2. He is. And has barely played since he left us. Much as I admired him when he was here, we can definitely do better.
  3. I know that. But also stated that we could do better. Which is why I asked who that might be?
  4. That isn't even close to the same design.
  5. Top work with those lists Craigie. Up there with every single Brazilian...
  6. KillieFanInToon


    Any transfer speculation about Brazilians @Craigieboy?
  7. NI have basically copied England with that appointment.
  8. Brevity not your thing either?
  9. I've just seen Mulumbu waiting outside Tesco.
  10. Not even close to pass marks.
  11. Personally I think it's quite accurate, without being overblown. Could maybe lose the bit about Hummel I suppose. How would you have conveyed the same thing?
  12. It'll get all covered in grass stains when we wear it, I hope we complain.
  13. He was in last month's Viz too. He's peaked I reckon.
  14. I was hoping for a repeat of Craigieboys legendary list of all available Brazilian players. This is a disappointment.
  15. Eleventy-one is no age at all.
  16. There's no actual evidence that artificial pitches cause significantly more injuries than grass ones. Here are a few links: https://www.sportslabs.co.uk/field-notes/2018/12/13/fact-vs-fiction-artificial-turf-injuries https://www.scienceforsport.com/natural-grass-vs-artificial-turf-which-surface-poses-an-increased-injury-risk/ https://www.americansocceranalysis.com/home/2019/1/7/turf-and-injuries-the-data-hurts
  17. To be fair, they both have a Killie badge on.
  18. Hadn't realised just how much he'd got around at a lower level after he left us. Says a lot I think.
  19. Like most of your points and views, totally irrelevant.

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