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  1. I don’t see how reconstructing the leagues will make anything better. Doncaster simply cannot be arsed with the lawsuit that’s coming his way from Hearts if reconstruction fails.
  2. I don’t understand how that works. Is a player basically forced to join a team that he doesn’t want to join if they pick him?
  3. In my opinion they didn’t get the credit they deserve. They'd be a top 6 team in Scotland easily.
  4. Can you stop pursuing the SPFL and we’ll drop all charges. This stinks as usual.
  5. The Huns are just pissed off because they don’t wield the power they used to on the governing bodies. However, I think that power has shifted to the Tims. MacLennan’s links to Desmond are definitely iffy. Milne of Aberdeen (Ex Chairman) and Gilmour of St Mirren (Ex chairman) both have stated that Celtic/Lawwell wield too much power. Is it that hard to ask for an impartial board who genuinely want to improve Scottish football, with no influence from the gruesome twosome?
  6. Can see a civil war looming in the coming days/weeks.
  7. I’m not a lawyer but I assume there would be some sort of clause in the contract if that was to happen. Normally these deals are airtight covering every possible circumstance.
  8. The problem with that is it’s written in the new Sky deal that 4 old firm are required. That’s why the 14 team league is the only chance of reconstruction. Play each team home and away. Top 6 and bottom 8 split, then home and away again. Teams in top 6 would play 36 games and teams in bottom 8 would play 40 games. If we start talking about a 16 team league with the 4 old firms we’d have teams playing 44 games.
  9. I’d like to see an 18 team league and you simply play 34 games in total, 17 home and 17 away. Scrap the winter break pish. I’d also rather have teams like Dunfermline and Raith Rovers rather than Hamilton and Livingston. My list: Kilmarnock A*r (I know, rather a team with support than a Hamilton or Livingston) Motherwell Aberdeen Hearts Hibs Rangers Celtic Partick Thistle St Johnstone Dundee Dundee United St Mirren Ross County Dunfermline Athletic Greenock Morton Raith Rovers Falkirk
  10. Berra is absolutely rotten
  11. If you think Morelos had that in mind when doing the cut throat gesture you’re just deluded. Should he have done the gesture? No. But I doubt Morelos was thinking about a murder that he probably didn’t even know happened when he was doing it.
  12. Looked tight at the time. Huns twitter put up a slow mo vid of the goal, just onside.
  13. Not sure what to make of this in all honesty. There has obviously been cliques forming behind closed doors, because no way we sack a manager in 5th place.
  14. I can see it being true to be honest. At this stage in his career, Lafferty is holding out for a longer term contract as all players do around his age. He’s probably been offered a 1 year deal when in reality he wants a 3 year deal. Can’t blame him, holding out for a last payday with long term security.

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