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  1. The state of that mob, Mcgregor apologising to their fans for the performance. Nothing to do with AD, s game plan and tactical nouse on how to nullify the threat they pose superbly implemented by the team, no.
  2. Excellent play from big Kabamba
  3. That is one of the most straightforward saves you can ever hope to make, no excuses. Can't keep gifting teams goals
  4. TBF Kabamba done well in his first game against this lot. Just got to hope we don't make any silly mistakes today, then we have a chance of getting something.
  5. If Stewart does move it will most likely be to Aberdeen than us.
  6. The worry I have is the same as last season, a lack of creativity. Great strike by Burke not a lot else happening otherwise. Wasn't really impressed with Hibs given the money they have spent, looked there for the beating. I believe with more attacking intent we would have a point at least. Some good performances in the team coupled with a bit of ring rustiness from others who I'm sure will improve.
  7. Bit too easy for Hibs, we can't score so they can just soak it up. But we can definitely concede.
  8. Only disappointment is I like a wee jaunt to Tynecastle, but in the current climate won't be happening anyway. So bye bye Jambos
  9. That appears to be the case, Motherwell are a case in point. They are similar in many ways to us but seem to have the edge in recruitment. Don't imagine it's the wages as they would be on par with us.
  10. Could someone please post or explain how I go from one off to monthly subscription please. For some reason I thought I was on the monthly schedule when I signed up, but it appears not. Thanks
  11. With 15 losses already this season I think its safe to say we're back to the bad old days of looking over the shoulder for the rest of the drosses results. A spectacular plummet by anyone's standards.
  12. Enough chances to win 3 games and all round good forward play. Defending is our weakness, no matter who you blame both goals are terrible examples of poor defensive play. Another opportunity missed from us in our washout 150th.
  13. I didn't really see any evidence of that when we played them, I thought if anything we were the better team.

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