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  1. No composure at all from us, forgot how to defend, very poor performance all round. Croatia never had to break sweat.
  2. Just hope we're saving all our goals for tonight, another zero and we're oot.
  3. What a dick, why would anyone choose to play for St. Mirren
  4. He was good for us but always a rabid h#n, never heard him have a good word to say about us since he left, typical Ayrshire OF fanboy.
  5. Would agree, Wales look like they belong at the Euros, superb performance today.
  6. The type of signing we have to get excited by these days
  7. Same old problem in front of goal, coupled with not enough quality to keep a clean sheet. I fear for us Friday if we give up possession as easily.
  8. Lafferty has made a complete tit of himself here.
  9. On Kiltie joining Saints good luck to him, he will need it. Just about the start of every season for the last 4or5 I've thought this is a big season for GK hope he kicks on and shows what he can do, unfortunately he never has. I know there have been loans/injuries but for me he's never been consistent enough. I wasn't a massive fan of his when he was in a Killie shirt so don't believe he's a great loss.
  10. I would hope we're offering him a career pathway, as at his stage he needs to consider his future. If he were to leave would be disappointed if it was just dependent on what league he's playing in.
  11. Good news all things considered, we want players who want to play for us who have the quality and desire to push us on in what's a tough league. With the exception of Laff the others won't be missed.
  12. Think it's the right approach signing players who want to prove themselves, a bit of fire in the belly can make all the difference. What was evident last season was a complete lack of fight in the pathetic surrender of our top flight stay
  13. I would contact Pater Orr from the KFCDSA contact details are on the club website, they usually deal with seasons and renewals.
  14. I got one too, think I'll hold off until something official from the club