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  1. Malkmus

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    Embarrassing from start to finish. Can only get better after that.
  2. Malkmus

    Would you rather

    In that case Livi are a joke and bring nothing to the league.
  3. Malkmus

    Would you rather

    Feck Thistle they're s**te. Are there any decent pubs near the Livi stadium?
  4. Malkmus

    Scotland squad

    Delighted for the fella, feel he kind of epitomised our season with the turnaround in form. A much deserved call up.
  5. Malkmus

    Congratulations Killie

    Well done everyone, supporters, players and staff. It's been an amazing season with some memorable performances. Last few seasons would struggle to choose a standout game, now.. Where do you start? Makes it all worthwhile.
  6. Malkmus

    Rangers away, Fred

    That was shoite, tools downed unfortunately. Sad end to an excellent campaign. They are rubbish just now and we were never in it. Hard to find a positive out of that performance. Feckin hate those h_n bastards.
  7. Malkmus

    Hibs away, Fred

    Stats would suggest otherwise.
  8. Malkmus

    Hibs away, Fred

    Good day out. We got a doing though, Hibs scored 5. Doubt we'll pick up another point in the final 3 games judging by the last 2 performances.
  9. Malkmus

    Sheep home, Fred

    The team as a whole has to take responsibility, I agree the keeper should of stopped it but the overall performance just wasn't good enough. Our pressing was not consistent and there was no spark in what was a very stifled midfield. I think they can be forgiven for one bad performance, shame it's against those diving, cheating arseholes though.
  10. Malkmus

    Caption Competition

  11. Malkmus

    2,500 Killie fans in Hamilton

    Great to be a part of that today, well done to everyone who travelled. Shows what an excellent support we have. KTID
  12. Malkmus

    What’s our new target for end of the season?

    Champions of the universe..
  13. Malkmus

    gers away, Fred

    Their team aren't s**te though they are actually not too bad, what their fans and pundits aren't getting is we are better
  14. Malkmus

    gers away, Fred

    Another great performance and result from this team, we usually have an end of season poll for the most memorable event of the season.. Where do you start with this one??
  15. Malkmus

    Attendance tonight

    I just think that if they took out a few rows of seating in that section of the FB and built a ramp for access at the side entry by the big gate it would work with minimum fuss. They deserve a better environment in which to enjoy the game, I'm reluctant to say anything positive about them but Rangers have got the right approach for inclusive attendance and it's a pleasure to be seated with your own fans.

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