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  1. I would take Miller in a heartbeat - superb player
  2. We won't make a penny IF Brophy gets a transfer due to massive selling on fee due to Hamilton, i asked this question months ago if anybody else had heard the same and nobody responded
  3. He broke Albert Morrisons leg though ....
  4. Just remembered for us oldies - Gregor Stevens
  5. Pretty sure it was Jim Duffy that pretty much ended Calum Campbell's football career with a fecking horrific "tackle" ....
  6. Aye that was the game - best scrap i've ever seen at a football match, think the Killie fan got jailed for it
  7. Tony Parks - Falkirk goalkeeper when Stainrod played for them, anybody else remember one of the old Garnock Valley supporters trying to get over the fence for a square go with him ?
  8. Here’s me in my Ally Mitchell testimonial strip that I never took back to get ruined by the sponsors logo
  9. caltonkid


    Who ? Allan Russell ? Must have been a different player that i saw at the Theatre of Pies - he was absolutely mince for us ....
  10. Remember seeing Alan Shearer absolutely destroy us in i think a pre season friendly - i remember our defenders bouncing off of him and he scored from memory a hat trick that night
  11. Anything that relegates Hearts is fine by me ....
  12. My sentiments exactly - actually hate Hearts more than the Old Filth, Thistle hate us with a passion as well for some daft reason so f**k them too
  13. Binge watched the two series over the past couple of nights and thought it was brilliant - the passion of their supporters was incredible. Had to laugh when the new management team came on the scene and they asked about how good the Cyro treatment room was ? Nobody has ever used it except Martin Bain to help his sore back !!!! I think they had spent 100K on it as well .... Amount of money being wasted was eye watering
  14. Would the SPL be taking so long to make a decision if Kilmarnock were bottom instead of Hearts ?
  15. Similar story from me as well, waiting with my autograph book outside the main doors and Willie Fernie brought a few youngsters into the building out of the rain, Davie Provan was the first to sign it and Willie Fernie took my autograph book from him,handed it to Gordon Smith who was involved in a conversation with Alan Hansen and told him to get all the players to sign it (including Hansen) which he did no problem, pity Smith and Provan turned their backs pretty quickly on the team that gave them their chance in football ....

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