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  1. I'm sure it was mentioned at the time it was totally out of GS hands. All about Mick Innes and agents. Apparently his wife was fuming!
  2. I have to totally swallow any old firm bitterness and say Greg Stewart is along with Eremenko the best player I've ever seen in stripes. And Jones would also improve us massively. As I've said in other threads. This season is a total "get through the season" kind of season
  3. You're killing your argument here. Jones would instantly improve us, get more out Brophy and would fit in to the team. (Attacking left mid we are weak). Hes a w****r but would improve us. People just wouldn't warm to him the same as Stewart.
  4. I get that astro is the future of this country. Luckily I'm not. I would even have a heavy grass park before it. Some Astros were great to begin with, but when they start to wear they are nothing short of dreadful
  5. I'm 29 and play football still. Takes me 3 days to recover if I play 90 minutes on Astro. Scientists may say this and that. But grass is so much easier on the legs
  6. Would totally burst the bank to get him back. Would find cash for a season ticket based purely on watching him and Brophy work together again.
  7. The bottom part is one of the best bits. Hats off to Fowler. 5 weeks ago we were slap bang in the middle of this pandemic and Fow has worked hard to get a deal done.
  8. I'm with you. Naismith would bring so much more to the club than on the pitch performances
  9. Seen a pic of Kiltie in training. The training top looks smashing!
  10. If we get the left hand side sorted Rory is good enough cover for the right side
  11. I do agree. Rory is a very good player, particularly in big games. But we need some pace out there, an out ball as such
  12. Fella is football daft. Wants to play football as much and as often as he can. Some players comments were "returning to work". Dont think DT sees it as work if I'm being honest. **this comment is based on his own training camps and making money from them.
  13. A player that wants to be here is always handier than someone who had no interest
  14. I'd argue hes better than Dicker. Would expect him to play in our team
  15. Was McGowan. Hopefully another few in the coming days. Nice to see business getting done earlier this window.
  16. Welcome to Killie Sir! Get it up the park!!!
  17. Yes, but Boydie also has killie in his heart.
  18. Hes certainly not a centre mid. Even if he thinks he is
  19. Is Halliday a better left back than Waters? Probably. It's just made worse than hes a bitter bitter hun
  20. Big statement of intent if he signs. One of our rivals best players
  21. Surely it's more important Fowler knows the budget than the manager
  22. I get it's another club but disappointed this has been moved to the YNTTK forum. Big news for a club very close to Killie hearts
  23. Donati wont be his assistant. Slightly disappointed in that tbh. Another cost cut i reckon. Millen as number 2 isnt exactly exciting stuff.
  24. To be fair I quite understand the moaning about it. On what we've seen so far. Dyer doesnt deserve the job. He will have my full support to succeed but I'm not particularly optimistic.
  25. But SOD decided last September time it didnt matter to him anymore

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