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  1. AndyKTID

    Hamilton away

    Anyone got an address for the big car park that most fans usually use? Not far from the bingo I’m sure? Just for Sat Nav purposes as I’ve been to Hamilton plenty but never driven myself so unsure of the directions, cheers in advance
  2. AndyKTID

    Ibrox on Saturday

    Anybody any advice on where best to head to for parking? Never been to see us play at Ibrox so needing some help
  3. AndyKTID

    Ibrox on Saturday

    Apologies if it’s been mentioned somewhere else but I was wondering what the situation for tickets for Ibrox on Saturday was? Never been to watch us there so wasn’t sure if it’s usually all ticket or pay at the gate and can’t seem to see anything on the club website? Anyone any idea?
  4. AndyKTID

    Alex McLeish

    Horrendously uninspiring appointment by the SFA but great news for us, glad I don’t really follow the national team too closely, always find it hard to support players such as Brown, Griffiths, Forrest etc whereas when we play Celtic ,for example, I take great joy in giving them dogs abuse
  5. AndyKTID

    Dundee match thread

    Not 100% sure but I think a rule has been introduced where if the offending player gets carded for the challenge then the “injured” player doesn’t have to go off the pitch?
  6. AndyKTID

    Dundee match thread

    Any links for listening to this outside the UK? P.S. YASSSSS from Rome
  7. AndyKTID

    Line up face Brora Rangers

    Really hope Mulumbu plays just because of the fact he could have an absolute field day against a weaker team like this, also hope to see a bit more of Tshibola as well.
  8. With Thomas, Higgins away on loans and now Bell off the wage bill I’lol be very surprised if we don’t see at least 2 players in the door today or at least in next week or so for free agents
  9. AndyKTID

    Dominic Thomas

    Think that is a very good move for Thomas, plenty of potential and the game time should help develop it further. Anybody know if it is likely we will do any business tomorrow before the deadline or not? Would like to see another centre back at least, although am I right in saying that if that is to be Bassong then it can be done out with the official window?
  10. AndyKTID

    Steven Naismith

    From what I’m hearing then Derby is the most likely destination at the moment
  11. If we manage to get cash plus O’halloran for Jones then we will definately be the winners in that outcome, no brainer for me Of course though it could be a complete load of rubbish which I would probably say is likely.
  12. AndyKTID

    Gordon Greer

    After the performance today I’d be tempted to try the following team: MacDonald O’Donnell Broadfoot Greer Taylor Power Dicker Mulumbu Thomas Jones Boyd/Erwin or if we continue with the formation we are playing just now I’d have Jones back out wide as I feel he is actually more effective from out there than in the middle and have two of Mulumbu, Power or Dicker in the middle and try Brophy upfront with either Erwin or Boyd
  13. AndyKTID

    Clarke Transfer January list

    Surely you have to at least allude to who you know about? No point in making an absolutely pointless statement like this otherwise.
  14. AndyKTID

    One of our own

    Kiltie isn’t “diehard Killie” he is a kilmarnock supporter now for sure and he only talks about Killie now (for obvious reasons I suppose) whenever I see him now but he was in my year at school and used to be a Rangers fan, although that could have just been down to going with the “popular” choice. Will Graham is 100% Killie as others have already said and also from what I’ve heard from boys who played with him in school teams etc they all say his attitude absolutely brilliant and has been since he started with Killie.
  15. AndyKTID

    Murrayfield - who's in?

    Apologies if someone has already asked but does anyone know of the best place to park for tomorrow’s game? Preferably free of course dont mind if it’s a bit of a walk from the stadium to be fair

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