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  1. Actually quite excited by this one judging by the comments made by fans of previous teams and definately adds to a position we needed more options in. Only downside is it being a one year deal but not the end of the world plus I suppose there is a small chance the club have an option of a second year based on appearances etc
  2. Surely there’s a chance we’ll get to see the full kits some time soon now that players are back in training and in and around the stadium etc? Would be good to see the strips along with the shorts and socks
  3. Found this video for the guy mentioned at the bottom of that article, granted it’s hard to judge the level he was playing at here in comparison to ours but that seemed impressive. Looks very powerful and athletic, enjoys a tackle and was picking out passes equally comfortable with both feet. Good age as well when compared to Power and Dicker, signings like this could be the way forward.
  4. I completely agree with the point made about signing younger players, experience is essential but ,as has already been pointed out, we already have plenty of that. For me Tait would be a good signing for sure but if it’s to be one or the other out of him or McGowan I’d be concentrating on the latter. Would love to see us sign even just a couple of 23-27 year olds on 2/3 year deals so there’s at least a chance of some continuity in future seasons and not too mention the chance to develop them further for an increased sell on value. Let’s face it this season is more than likely going to be the last for the likes of Dicker and Broadfoot so why not get some younger guys in to learn from them and play along side them for this year.
  5. Lawless and McGowan would be two i’d definately go for, Lawless would be a good squad player/starter and McGowan is still only 23 and has looked solid any time I’ve seen him.
  6. Everyone does remember that and I’m sure everyone appreciates the effort from these players that season but the season just finished can’t be ignored, Broadfoot had no improvement on the team when he came back and also slaughtered our training when he left just to add insult. The way some of the senior players behaved in the first half of that season was shocking. They can all moan about the training methods but regardless of who was the manager at the time those players made a total mess of the CQN games. We could’ve had half the folk on here managing the team and we should’ve beat them comfortably. In no other job would you be allowed to just down tools because you weren’t a fan of the boss. This season should be about re-shaping the team in my opinion, Dicker and Broadfoot are free to go in my opinion, thanks very much for your efforts but it’s time to move on and see if we can create a team with some longevity and continuity in it. We’ve not even had a keeper signed permanently for 3 seasons now in Woodman, Bachmann and Branescu(although I’d take a Bachmann loan deal again in a heartbeat) all very good players of course but would be good to have some consistency rather than having to start from scratch near enough each year because of loans etc. Teams like Livingston, Motherwell etc seem to be able to get decent players signed on permanent deals and all at decent ages as well so why can’t we.
  7. AndyKTID


    Get Gogić in and Dicker out I’d say, Gogić only 26 as well. I’ll prepare immediately for the incoming abuse for saying Dicker should be away.
  8. Really frustrated me that he got dropped when Broadfoot was brought back just screamed old pals act to me if anything, Del Fabro and Findlay is up there with one of the best CB partnerships in the league. I’m really hoping we start from scratch this summer and get Dicker and Broadfoot our, both been great servants to the club and play massive roles in our success but that was a year ago and a lot has changed, both ageing and in my opinion both got far too big an influence on how the team plays (not in a positive way). Go with a spine of Findlay, Power and Brophy with the likes of McKenzie, Burke and Kabamba helping out and build the team around this, as good a chance as we will get to start over again with the limited numbers we already have. Would also like to see less of a reliance on loan signings because without that we’ll never have any sort of continuity however I do realise that can impact ok the quality of player we get and also finances.
  9. Agreed, controversially I would say it’s Dicker who should drop out, had no effect on the game at all last night and was caught half a yard (in terms of thinking) behind the Aberdeen players far too often. McKenzie has been far more effective of recent as well including last night and it would take a lot to drop Burke.
  10. Always remember Alan Morgan (signed from Inverness around 2008?) being particularly brutal
  11. Ah yes I forgot that’s how red cards work........
  12. At this point I’d absolutely love a jobber from Doncaster Rovers
  13. Branescu SOD. DF. Findlay. Hammelainen Burke. Power. El Makrini. Bunn Brophy. Kabamba. Dont think Dicker is suited to a flat 4 midfield and have been impressed seeing El Makrini in there on the occasion he’s done it, hopefully Burke can manage a 3rd game although I’m doubtful.
  14. Admittedly the social media from the club has been poor recently but think you’re asking a bit much for them to provide updates on a game taking place tomorrow......
  15. Could someone please help me out with how to sign up for Killie TV so I can watch the game today? I’m in the UK also so will need to change the VPN (also unsure on how to do this) when I go on the website it will only show me the UK packages which of course is just audio, so is there a way to watch it?

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