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  1. To be blunt, losing 10 out of 16 games is a pathetic record. Dyer and his dressing room sycophants have come up with plenty of excuses to explain away our dismal form under him last season. Patience with such excuses will rightly run thin should these results continue over the coming weeks.
  2. A combination of MacDonald having one of his best games for us and County taking their foot off the gas in the second half was all that prevented them hitting double figures that day.
  3. TLC

    Danny Rogers

    Find it very odd and shows a lack of faith in Rogers that he didn’t start today. He’s been here a few weeks, played a few friendly matches and has been building a relationship with the defence. Eastwood may be earmarked to be No1 but he was signed 48 hours before kick off and presumably has not played much over the last few months. Hardly a surprise he looked rusty and picked up an injury. Not writing Eastwood off, but Dyer’s team selection today was not fair on either him or Rogers.
  4. The Nomads result made us a laughing stock across the continent. There have been other low-points in my time, but none so clearly in the glare of publicity. Other than that, sitting in Rugby Park and watching Gary Locke’s band of misfits slump to 0-4 down against Ross County after 35 mins was a very low point. Just a couple weeks on from having been humped 0-4 by Dundee in our first game of the season.
  5. The Rangers-lovers are clearly still hurting badly from the numerous humiliations we’ve inflicted on their heroes over the last few years . Wonderful to know how badly we rile them . It will be a very disappointing season if we don’t make top 6. We’ll be no where near the relegation zone.
  6. TLC

    Greg Stewart

    I don’t blame players for chasing the money. It’s a short career and we are hardly paying them wages that will see them through the 30 odd years of working life they will have post-football. I would take Stewart back in a shot. He adds creativity and goals we’ve sorely missed the last 18 months.
  7. 2 years seems right. Gives a bit of stability but also won’t be overly expensive to punt him if required. The players have the man they want and Dyer gets a full transfer window as permanent manager. No more excuses
  8. I just have some appreciation for what Dean and his father contributed to this football club. I don’t think it’s out of line that a guy who has indulged in vile, ableist abuse of one of our greatest players in modern history offers some contrition.
  9. If he were to sign I very hope the first thing he would do would be a public apology for his disgusting comments to Dean Shiels.
  10. Utter rubbish from Dicker. He’s treating the support with contempt thinking we’ll swallow that crap. Last summer, we lost Mulumbu, Boyd, Jones, Taylor, Broadfoot and Bachmann. I’d wager they were all amongst the very highest earners at the club and I don’t buy for a minute that the likes of ElMakhrini, Brancescu etc have decimated that budget. Add in that we did bring in Broadfoot, Bunn and Kabamba and Fowler has said Dyer turned down other players. Dicker is turning spin doctor to protect his mate.
  11. He was brilliant that game. Scored a great goal and then another goal was his free kick that hit the post and gave Wright a tap in.
  12. TLC

    Gary Harkins

    I have no recollection of him being particularly good in the LC final. His most significant contribution that day was being hooked for DVT. I do recall him being brilliant for the first half of the 3-3 game with Celtic earlier in that season. We were 3-0 at half time and he was genuinely brilliant first half. Sadly like most games, he was blowing out of his arse by the hour mark.
  13. Perhaps - hardly a justification though for his gloating at the club missing out on a top half finish.
  14. The guy who tweeted it was “karma” when Harkins goals for Dundee denied us a top 6 place - all whilst he was still employed by the club. A poor player that our club gave a huge opportunity to and who then proceeded to throw it back in our face.
  15. Hopefully Burke is next to sign up. He’d be a huge loss. Fair play to the club for these regular updates. All too often the support have been left in the dark for weeks on end over the summer months.

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