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  1. Our ‘football operations’ have been a shambles since we brought in a guy to be our ‘Head of Football Operations’ There perhaps is value in that role, however its current occupant has yet to demonstrate what that is exactly.
  2. Need to keep this up second half. Play on the front foot and kill the game off.
  3. Mulumbu is miles ahead of every other player on the pitch. Still pure quality
  4. He’s definitely worth another 6 months. Great header today.
  5. It’s a howler from the keeper but we were poor second half and can have no complaints in only walking away with a point. A terrible St Mirren team we should have put to the sword and we kept inviting them onto us.
  6. That’s awful goalkeeping.
  7. TLC


    This is the Kelly who is a goalkeeper not our former player. Wouldn’t be surprised if Eastwood is recalled due to lack of game time so we may need to look at another keeper. Whilst Rogers has been solid, I really don’t fancy the prospect of us having to use Doyle.
  8. Feel such sadness for AD that he has to put up with that sort of s**t. Regardless of his abilities as a manger he deserves full support and solidarity against this evil. As for the scumbag behind the letter, I would assume given the time of year this will likely have been hand delivered and easier for the police to track. As ever the racists in our country proving themselves the dumbest members of society.
  9. We were 5th in the league. A couple bad games before he departed but nothing on the scale we have endured under Dyer. The players threw their toys out the pram the moment Alessio walked in the door and tried to implement some of the ideas that had been good enough for Juventus and Chelsea but were apparently not up to the standards expected by Gary Dicker.
  10. If there had been a time to give Dyer the job it would have been straight after Clarke left. Given that we knew we had an early start to the next season with the European games, there would have been logic in giving the job to a guy who knew the squad well. He had also been a part of a very successful management team with Clarke. Beyond that? He has never been deserving of the job. We were shocking in his caretaker run and we got lucky that COVID stoped the league as we were hurtling down to 11th place last season.
  11. Leaving aside him stating that 6 points would be an acceptable return (which is utterly embarrassing) he’s made a rod for his own back here. Anything less than ‘6 or 7’ points would surely mean he has to go.
  12. Very sad news. A hero, an inspiration and a true gentleman. RIP Davie
  13. He should be getting as much stick as Dyer. An utter fraud
  14. Another Fowler masterstroke