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  1. McDeeBop

    Look guys be realistic with the season ahead

    "It's too early to draw conclusions, but if this is the conclusion I'll draw, I'll be disappointed." That's a literal contradiction.
  2. Nothing will ever top the Marcus Rashford comment from a month or so ago. It's pinnacle killiefc forum stuff.
  3. We either got 7 figures or close to 7 figures for Coulibaly and, going back further, Naismith. JJ rumoured to be similar. Now attackers are always valued more than defenders, but in terms of potential, isn't GT around the same as what was Naismith back in the day? You could say the market has changed, but why value them less?
  4. McDeeBop

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    Yeah, I just bought a house and my wife is 11 weeks pregnant. Money is a bit tight, but I'll be back on here as soon as I've got one, is that ok?
  5. McDeeBop

    JJ Sunderland Speculation

    Well that isn't how it works at all. I think you know that. He's worth what clubs will offer for him and we'll accept. He's not worth some figure based on what money we think a club has.
  6. McDeeBop

    JJ Sunderland Speculation

    I understand this, and we all want to keep our good players, but this is now twice in, what, 2 years? that we've signed a player for nothing and now could realise close to £1.5-2m for them. That is superb business and is the way Kilmarnock keep trucking along. Ambition is good, but it cannot come at the financial expense of relying on a director to fund wages or betting the farm on NOT taking a substantial payday when it's offered.
  7. McDeeBop

    JJ Sunderland Speculation

    That is not the way to do sustainable business. We shouldn't have to rely on someone's deep pockets to potentially realise more money later. That's risky, and not really liable to work consistently in today's market. £3m or f**k off isn't sensible, it's pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking. An utter pipe dream, and I consider myself one of the more optimistic Killie fans around.
  8. McDeeBop

    JJ Sunderland Speculation

  9. McDeeBop

    Aaron simpson

    Ah, the classic, if I'm right I get to say I told you so and if I'm wrong, Killie are doing well. Excellent bet hedging. Which of the handful of matches did you exclusively watch Simpson, and make this sweeping generalisation? It's a wholly negative opinion based on very limited knowledge. Although I've done the same, but swung the other direction as I'm an optimist at heart. Who said he needed 6 months coaching? I said it would be good to get him in for a pre-season, with the team to learn how we play and train consistently, rather than from mid-season onwards. Not sure what my overall point is here. We disagree, you ain't changing your mind based on me challenging the basis of how you've made it.
  10. McDeeBop

    Aaron simpson

    So were quite a number of the whole team before November. I'd take him. A pre-season under SSC with a definite place in the team? I think he'd be an excellent addition.
  11. McDeeBop

    JJ Sunderland Speculation

    Completely agree. That would be excellent business given the circumstances and clearly puts a signal out there that Kilmarnock is a place to come and revive/develop your career.
  12. McDeeBop


    Because things like Leicester happen. And winning the title isn't the aim of our season, and the occasional win against the OF is a bloody fantastic feeling that fans of those two will never feel.
  13. McDeeBop


    I work in data analytics, and I would genuinely love to see this kind of thing on a deeper level. If you assume 1 game per week = weekly wage, I would like to see how much wage we paid per point gained. So if your top earner didn't play too much, your wppg (wage per point gained) goes up. This would allow for things like injuries/suspensions over the season too.
  14. McDeeBop

    Are we taking the pitch size back out?

    You hate it? You wander up the steps, are greeted with the glorious sight of Rugby Park bouncing along on SSC's juggernaut, Killie players training well and raring to go and think to yourself, "Bugger this, the pitch should be a metre closer to me!" Why on earth does this make any difference to a football fan?
  15. It's the inability to logically discuss anything with them. Dembele didn't win any trophies. Celtic did. Killie didn't win any awards, but Kris did. The Team of the Season is the best players (a matter of opinion) not the best team.

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