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  1. That would be absolute quality.
  2. Who cares? It's imaginary red numbers on your screen. Take the message that some people disagree with you, but don't want to comment on it. Plenty other things to spend your time on than worry about this.
  3. Well that isn't true, is it? Balls out, games dead, it's not a foul, but would still be a cautionable offence. I don't think the ball is out at all, and this is straw-clutching at best. Ridiculous rush of blood to the head by a player who's normally the coolest.
  4. McDeeBop

    The Pitch

    Have you no' heard? ALEX DYER IS ENDING TEN IN A ROW! TEN IN A ROW!
  5. Made up, false, invented s**te. The story too.
  6. Exactly this for me. The alternative would be a struggling dirge of a s**tfest 1/2-0 win, which would have helped absolutely no-one.
  7. It's very, very difficult to create quickly when up against two banks of four. That's when the attacking does get slowed down, there's not a huge amount the attacking team can do about the pace of the game when the other team is deliberate in doing almost nothing else but make it slow. It's up to us to adapt to that, and we did, to immense success. Pointing out attacking deficiencies when we've won 6-0 (with all the caveats of who we were playing) seems a little strange. Our problems haven't changed, but I don't think that game has made things any clearer.
  8. Burke crossing masterclass this. Very dominant, lots of good, little triangles.
  9. An underwhelming appointment, but a kinda expected one. He'll get my support, but he needs to get the results on par with, or better than, Alessio's. This transfer window is absolutely crucial. Some creativity and a forward or two, and more importantly them all to gel quickly, should see us top 6.
  10. I am curious as to what the Board's expectations of success for the manager's position? There's still a fundamental of exactly what it was that got Alessio sacked, and how any new manager mitigates whatever that issue was.
  11. So it's OK to dismiss someone based on what your own prediction of their performance will be? Not their actual performance? He might have not recruited well. That might have had us in the bottom 6. That might have resulted in being caught up in relegation. That would have the fans against him. Best we sack him now. Apply that to any other line of work, and while I appreciate football is very, very different, and it just doesn't wash for me.
  12. Really? Colour me dumb, but I've zero clue given the amount of opinion, conjecture and utter horses**t being flung around on here and social media.
  13. Perhaps other people can just make up ideas as to the why of it?
  14. You cannot know this to be verified fact. You are guessing, and that helps absolutely no-one.
  15. A run of bad form and you'd agree with sacking the manager? That's what it currently is, a run.

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