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  1. Kabamba the latest scapegoat? His best work last season was in a front 2 with Brophy. Why did Brophy not start? I think Dyer shoulders any blame for yesterday's defeat, he chose the goalkeeper, a bizarre decision on his part.
  2. CQN without a shadow of a doubt. A stunning capitulation. Ayr after the cup win and Stirling Albion were incredibly tough to take. The most painful was undoubted 6-0 QOS, in classic Killie fashion we nearly pulled it off, the highs and lows of football all in one day. There was a home game to Livi where we lost to 5 I'm sure where that feckin drum was louder than ever, that wasn't good. Losing 3-2 to the mighty Berwick Rangers at Tynecastle. Losing at home to Stranraer.
  3. It has caused some confusion. They were playing a tier above the juniors last season. Be interesting to see how they compete in a league that will see up to 7 clubs relegated after the end of the first season.
  4. No love for Hearts, they were poor all season and likely to be relegated any way. Budge has made so many mistakes at Hearts, with the appointment of Jeffries she is still making them. In Thistle's case, I'm not sure what they were expecting to gain from tagging along? Surely, that's it done and dusted now. Time to get a proper review going that will lead to a sustainable future for our national game.
  5. For every Buffs fan that chose not to follow the club to KSC, another one has taken their place. The fan base is changing and will continue to change with the pathway creating that interest. There's not many staying away now. The Medda have done well following the IR issues, committee are putting the club on the right road. As a Buffs fan, good that our local rivals are on a sound footing going into the new structure.
  6. I never said it was easy, but it is something that the club need to get better at.
  7. I'm a Buffs fan and it's right to say that we never invested in our infrastructure when we had money, hence our move to KSC, so credit to Darvel for that. The question around Darvel is, what kind of potential does the club have to support the level of investment being made? I always see Hurlford as the junior club of Kilmarnock, but despite past investment and success in the juniors, the club hasn't really grown much. Darvel is much the same I think, unless they harness the potential of the Valley towns and potentially Kilmarnock itself, what potential is there for them to grow as a club. Obviously Talbot are the benchmark for a village club, but it's clear that the football club is the absolute focal point of the village and , in some ways, the whole village rallies around the club as it represents two fingers up to all of the negative things that have hit the town since the demise of the mines. Also, continuing and ongoing success has drawn supporters from near and far to watch Talbot, a remarkable achievement. Do Talbot have much more room for growth going into senior football, possibly not, it could be argued that they'll have the most to lose as I can't see them continuing to enjoy the same level of success in the new structure. On to my own club, we've now had a year at KSC and the committee are working wonders to improve upon the infrastructure at the club for the benefit of the community as a whole. Kilwinning has a population circa 25000 so plenty of potential in terms of increasing the supporter base. The club has developed a pathway for all levels of football at KSC where all boys clubs play with a Buffs jersey on. Sponsors are wanting to invest in the club because they can see a great project emerging. This included free season tickets for all primary school age kids in the town last season. The new structure is certainly an exciting development and the move away from junior to senior will almost certainly raise the level of ambition for many clubs. Ayrshire has a strong tradition in junior football, hopefully all of the Ayrshire clubs big and small go on to thrive in the new structure.
  8. Broadfoot has been a competent player for us in the past, but he is getting on and I'd prefer he was only used as back up this season. In general, the recruitment so far looks positive given the circumstances. I an ideal world, a first choice CB, Bachmann and midfield playmaker would finalise the squad for me, but we are Killie and don't inhabit an ideal world. It's good to see boys like McGowan and Haunstrup coming in, where they were obviously respected by the fans at their previous clubs. On the back of solid players like Findlay, Brophy, Power and Burke, we really don't have much to complain about. It would be good to see a youngster making a permanent breakthrough this season. Sad to see so many of our youngsters let go, it's the bread and butter of a club like ours to generate our own talent.
  9. In theory, with the likely player exodus that relegation brings, Bachmann might have more chance of claiming the No 1 jersey if Watford are relegated?
  10. I was at the Pompey V AC Milan Europa League game a few years back, some atmosphere inside that stadium. Pompey were 2-0 up and cruising to a memorable result, before Ronaldinho and Inzaghi had other ideas. Hopefully we get our man and best wishes tp Pompey for the coming season.
  11. It is blind loyalty. Despite the notion of being promised 19 games, we have no idea what the new season will look like or when it will start. It's a speculative purchase. At this moment in time we aren't going to see Killie, certainly not with our friends and relatives, any time soon.
  12. We need Dan on board. Come on Killie, show us a sign of intent, get him signed up.
  13. I'll probably renew my ST this week, only to help prop up the club. Other than that, I'm thinking there is little incentive to renew. I can afford to renew, but appreciate that others can't. As always, the club is relying upon pure blind loyalty more than anything else, the KTID approach. A signing or two is needed to give sales a boost and to show that we have learnt from the mistakes of the last two transfer windows.
  14. An excellent piece of business, hopefully a statement of intent.
  15. This is my preference
  16. I miss the routine that going to Rugby Park provides. The anticipation of climbing the steps, seeing the pitch and players warming up. The emotion of celebrating a goal and the variety of emotions at the end of the game.
  17. The incident was right in front of the home terracing near the half way line. The game wasn't long started. Although Cook was a bit of a w****r, smiling as he lay on the deck, Brannigan was an absolute idiot for head butting him. He rightly got a straight red and Jim Fleeting made the right decision in sacking him.
  18. Did we not hit the bottom of the second division early doors the single season we were in it?
  19. I agree with this. Holt is great in front of the media, but there are continuing rumours that it's the backroom team running the show at Livi.
  20. That's a very poor result. Unless Kiltie was carrying a knock he should have started and Dicker benched. Dyer got it wrong today. Time to look for somebody who actually wants the manager's job, Dyer hasn't worked.
  21. Dicker isn't a captain. He just doesn't get involved enough especially when engaging with the referee to influence and defend our players.
  22. Power for Dicker and see how it goes. Whilst the shape wasn't always there against the Dons, the overall mobility of the team was far better.
  23. We are playing well without getting results. I don't want Killie to be a clique. I like Alex Dyer, he is a very decent guy, but is he the manager who will drive the club on? The jury is still out for me.

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