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  1. muza1962


    Confirmed, due to injuries I believe.
  2. He will have some competition from E Brophy then. Probably just as well no spectators behind the goals lol.
  3. We might have been 5th but it was some of the worst football I have ever watched.
  4. Don't forget the water from the church down the road. Paupers!
  5. O'Donnell will be next, back with his tail between his legs.
  6. muza1962


    Utter garbage KBTS!
  7. Also a large chunk to pay all the duds signed last year, Stewart and Jones included.
  8. Never liked him after he trashed his hotel room (Park) after a strop, followed by the WATP text. A very ordinary player who could run fast.
  9. Stewart went to Aberdeen for the same money as we offered allegedly. Not worthy here. Shat in the nest so to speak. As for Jordan, WATP Jones he’s not really that good is he!
  10. Both of them not fit to wear blue and white stripes again. They can suffer the splinters as was predicted by most of us.
  11. He is done, no thanks from me.
  12. Am I the only one getting fed up with this nonsense?

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