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  1. muza1962

    Ian Bryson

    A great player for us.
  2. muza1962


    6000 at least tomorrow then!
  3. muza1962

    Buying/Renewing STs

    Made me laugh there........
  4. muza1962


    Getting worse and colder each game.
  5. muza1962

    Give it Jig

    Someone who won't play Boyd for 90 minutes and Stevie Smith as captain!
  6. muza1962

    Woodman - away

    Forgot about him. Good call too
  7. muza1962

    Woodman - away

    Roberts and longstaff can go. Thanks for the effort but bye. We need guys like Shalke from County, Thistles wee midfielder with the pony tail and get Gardyne back. IMO
  8. muza1962

    Steven Smith

    Smith is a waste of a jersey. He has to be punted. Boyd is finished. Full time SUN columnist Kris, the jobs yours! If McCulloch gets the job he will keep them both. All 3 gone at the end of the season please.
  9. muza1962

    1st Team Physio.

    Off to Sevco apparently
  10. muza1962

    Season Ticket Boycott

    Thanks SH for the maths lesson, the rant and the chance to meet for a beer! Almost forgot, sarcasm too. Let's see what happens with the ST boycott then. If arranged properly it may work and I would support it, but Going by the banners the demos etc I just can't see it. Just my opinion again.
  11. muza1962

    Season Ticket Boycott

    Why is everyone wasting their time on this, banners, boycotts, demos. The man is here until 2019! it's only 18 months away ffs. The club won't die until then. Keep the cash back and it just might. My opinion of course.
  12. muza1962

    Jags Thread 18-3-17

    Agree with you comments. When Dicker doesn't play well the team doesn't play either. Jones should have stayed on and Roberts brought on for Rory. Rory again was a passenger. I don't care if he runs 14K every game he has no heart and does very little.
  13. muza1962

    Jags Thread 18-3-17

    Thistle were quicker, fitter and had a midfield. Its as simple as that!
  14. muza1962

    Gary Dicker A-Z

    I have warmed to him too. A real grafter. We need him badly or we are doomed IMO.
  15. muza1962

    The next 3 games

    With Dicker missing I fear the worst. He had a poor 15 minutes at the start of the second half yesterday and as I said in another post we look lost without him.

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