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  1. RAG

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Regarding Doolan, in a better team (like ourselves) his record suggests he'd stick the ball in the back of the net, born in Irvine too. According to Wikipedia, Leigh Griffiths, the Scottish Premiership's all-time top goalscorer Scotland international Leigh Griffiths is the top goalscorer in the Scottish Premiership era with 73 goals, all for Celtic, followed by Aberdeen's Adam Rooney with 66. Kris Doolan and Kris Boyd are the only other players to reach 50 goals since the establishment of the Scottish Premiership.
  2. Finely poised. Livi well on top but the Championship team always run out of legs with the extra games played. Were it not for the history of the playoffs, you'd have Livi as favourites, but I'm not so sure. Bumper Thistle crowd, could see them getting the 1-0 in a nervy game and it going to pens.
  3. RAG

    Phyllis McLeish

    The Standard misses the point a bit, in that Mrs McLeish has just sold the family business for 80 million quid! Which you can kind of tell, given her dressed down demeanour. I'm all for the Killie board wearing lumberjack shirts, as long as they've more money than Dave king, or enough dosh to launch a hostile Ayr United takeover..
  4. RAG

    Scotland squad

    Is unfortunate "Jalapeno Jones" is unavailable, cos he's not Scottish and as his name suggests,his twisted baws still a bit stingy - for reasons unkown..
  5. RAG

    Scotland squad

    Kris Burrito? Kirk Guacamole? Gregg Tostadas? SOD ur Enchilada?
  6. RAG

    Tommy Burns

    Met him for a minute or two in person at my school in Stewarton, got my picture taken with him and got a wee bit of banter too. He was just a nice guy who made you feel at ease. Despite his Celtic connections, you got the impression he was enjoying himself during his time at Killie, not just on, but off the park. A traditional community icon, his work in the community off the park is in my opinion unparalleled by Killie managers in modern times.
  7. RAG

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Man-power, although I really mean Person-power, cos your talking backroom staff too eh?. Now's the time, before the pre season kicks off, for all the staff to be on holiday!
  8. RAG

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    I wasnt thinking financially, just thought Wednesday was interesting as SC was originally away on Sunday, the play off's start on Thursday - which thankfully this year we're not involved in! But presumably you need a couple of days to shut down operations, get the kits packed away for next season etc. You'd imagine if your in play offs or the cup final the seasons basically extended by a week and a hefty win bonus!
  9. RAG

    Jezza gets it.

    Haha They should do a comedy Cybernat v Unionist version of Top Trumps. I believe in the PREVIOUS JOB section, Kevin Hague sold his own brand of dog food, whereas the Wings over Scotland guy oversaw development of Cannon Fodder 2 and Sensible World of Soccer, which were iconic 1990s computer games, were I translating for the millennial. Even 16 bit computing is more impressive than ur own brand of dog food.
  10. RAG

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Aside from the obvious uplift in ST sales, you could see a few bumper crowds next season; replacing Ross County with St Mirren, Gerrard being a bigger draw than the u20 manager and Celtic possibly getting a wee challenge along with both Edinburgh teams being reasonable should fill the away end more than in last few seasons. All the teams around us geographically in the SPFL are also on the up..
  11. RAG

    Our season in numbers

    Interesting stats. Durrant played a 36 game season with a +16 goal difference, Mulumbu +2 in about 25 games - should make for a decent pub argument as to who was the best!
  12. RAG

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Wednesday could well be the end of season 2017/18. Get the money in before then and going forward to next year, we're in a better financial position to budget for 2018/19 having met targets - or probably exceeded them. An extra player in might get another 500 tickets sold in June/July too.
  13. RAG

    50p per unit

    Aye cos Scotland is by nature a Calvinistic country, it's well ingrained in our history. Scotland: The country that gave you John Knox, now gives you the world first of minimum alcohol pricing. Liberalism v Calvinism is the debate here. You can buy booze anytime in shops in Germany - yet they don't buy rounds in bars.
  14. RAG

    50p per unit

    The Scottish government don't have the tax regime to implement this without unfair criticism. The problem is unsupervised drinking with booze bought in off sales, supermarkets and consumed at home. However to blame shop availability is a simplistic argument. By reducing the tax on a pint in pubs, encouraging people to drink in supervised situations, would improve the booze problem. Going on 1960s prices a pint should set you back about £1.80 - rest is the UK Treasury beer tax escalator. There's been a two fold move away from drinking in pubs to the home, allied to changes in how alcohol is retailed and consumed. Unfortunately using price barriers impacts the poor more than the rich. But we all know that's how life works in 2018.. The nanny state may know better, but this could easily be construed as an attack on the working poor.
  15. RAG

    Aberdeen game

    Is Woodman injured then? If fit, I'd be surprised if he didn't start against ourselves, given Aberdeen's showing last weekend! Horses for courses, as it's the Scottish Grand National.

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