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  1. I rate this current team (is certainly more ‘balanced’ than this time last year under AA) and I rate McKenzie, although it would be nice if HE went for a more composed finish in front of goal, he gets into positions and he could get 10-15 goals a year. I think it’s promising both Waters and Millen have stepped up against good teams (we’ve prob played half the ‘good’ teams in the league) from being reserves, or on loan last year. If you were gonna be critical of the current team/season, far from familiarity breading contempt; DB maybe even Jamie McDonald(!) would have saved at least 1 - maybe 2, of the 3 goals we’ve lost this season. Plug that gap and we’re in for a top 6 season I’d say.
  2. IMO all the Celtic fans I met were exceptionally sporting too - you'll never see it like that again! Unlike in 97, everyone thought we were the best team in Glasgow (and Scotland) that day..
  3. Get a VPN and give KTV not RC your £ - for a football club in a town the size of Stewarton, they already have enogh $.
  4. He's played a handful of games man. I'd test that out against Hamilton and hold a defnsive position vs celtic. Did well today i thought, Taylor looked silky too though..
  5. I disgaree - Hibs took 4 off Livi yesterday. We've lost early 'soft' goals in both games this season, then battled back into it. Some sweet attacking play too already after 2 games - bring on RC - big test with their record!
  6. Is a massive amount of CPU processing work to sync and broadcast it. I noticed was a Verizon (US internet/mobile giant) service card at end of broadcast, so could be what they call 'ping' (bit like telephone call delay) using a US service vs UK systems? I'm more concerned about the stream being bang on than actual time v sky, was spot on today for me, 99pc of time, althouigh I got weird ball artefacts when was travelling over the 3G floor at points - my system used today, wasn't great as i outlined though!
  7. I think (technically) is a big difference between a live streamed event and a streamed broadcast of something pre recorded - dropped frames, or where actual server broadcasting, screws up and broadcasting has to be done twice. All that costs you RAM and remeber Amazon video, youtube netflix etc is highly highly optimised for stuff like firsticks running on 2GB of RAM. Latest Galaxys will be 8GB - big diffference in 'space' for a 105 min long event. Hence on cheap device, reboot it at HT - lag problem when u run out of RAM solved.
  8. Could be RAM also. I'd no issues on an HD4000 (2013 spec intel integrated laptop graphics) using HDMI cables and Ethernet but wi 8GB of RAM. Wi 4GB of RAM on my setup, I'd be struggling, dropping frmaes etc. Any iphone from last 5 years can handle KTV no bother though - if u get the £40 apple HDMI daptor. Not got my VPN on my actual big PC - although that was an oversight!
  9. Something like a Firstick could have run out of RAM. Next time reboot it at HT
  10. I suspect for KTV, you need a wee bit more power in the (graphics) device to be able to sync the audio and video feed, than on a usual youtube video online. If your phones new and laptops a few years old, the phones probably the quicker device - wi better WIFI / Graphics etc!
  11. All internet feeds have a delay like that, compared to TV, or (quickest) a radio broadcast. A computer has to convert the camera and audio feed into a 'stream'. Doesn't happen in an instant, unless like SKy you're using broadcast quality kit. Even then, with a whol;e broadcast studio, Sky online and BBC sounds app etc, will be well behind the TV or radio signal.
  12. I took delivery of a 7.5m HDMI cable yesterday. £10 off Amazon. Works plugged into the computer, or the iPad (if you have the apple HDMI to lightening adaptor). I'd just plug the computer/phone/ipad in with a real cable for an important event like KTV, rather than use chromecast to connect it - HDMI cables ALWAYS work!.
  13. It's the risk to the people of Perth frankly that had it called off- the Aberdeen team is now a hotbed of CV. In any other industry it would be game over with that sort of outbreak in a workforce.. I'd dock Aberdeen 3 points and make sure any players involveds ban covered the SJ game as a caveat, to give somne (totally fair) advatadge to SJ - could be 6 points advantadge if the Dons lose after all. I suspect Aberdeen gonna get absolutely hammered though!
  14. I'd deduct 3 points given the circumstances. Financial fine at present wouldn't be 'fair'. It was an 'organised' breach of the rules, leading to a game being cancelled, the SPFL need to 'grow a pair' and take points off them.
  15. I'd telephone the Daily Record news desk and inform them you've discovered a German coconut from 1940.

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