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  1. Patrick Valance and Chris Whitty are both former GSK R & D presidents. Which perhaps explains why Boris shut down any questions to them about Cummings visiting Bernard Castle in that media conference. Is utterly ridiculous we’re being advised by ‘experts’ with as much commercial, ‘skin in the game’. I wonder how many extra zeros any vaccine will put on that pairs bank balance? Dr Patrick Vallance, president of research and development at pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, will take up the role of chief scientific adviser from spring 2018. He will take over from interim chief prof Chris Whitty, who has been in post since September following the departure of Sir Mark Walport to lead new public body UK Research and Innovation. Vallance, who has previously advised government as a member of the UK Ministerial Industry Strategy Group, will provide scientific counsel to the prime minister and her cabinet. https://www.civilserviceworld.com/articles/news/civil-service-appoints-gsk-research-head-chief-scientific-adviser
  2. RAG

    PM BoJo

    I'd been referred to the Royal Jubilee in Clydebank, which is it's own health board and a slightly weird set up - so I wouldn't take my experience as 'standard'. Indeed, the 'service' I received was spot on. So much so, I was back in the car 60 seconds after my scan was scheduled to take place and got a scan within 3 weeks of referral. They were 'reconfigured' for covid19 (I believe) days after. Is unparalleled in modern UK history for a recent, former PM, to get involved in that way. Maybe she was 'strong and steady' after all..
  3. Dominic Cummings’ sister is not director of company that runs the NHS track and trace app https://fullfact.org/online/not-dominic-cummings-sister/
  4. RAG

    PM BoJo

    Water off a ducks back man - you don’t need to bother about offending me! What we should be aware of, is the balancing act between economy and health, in biggest recession in history of the UK. A balancing act between death and total economic collapse - which leads in itself, to more deaths. A ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ tightrope, the Scots gov. simply does not have to walk. It’s beyond the brief of a devolved administration in the UK. It’s easier for Sturgeon, (as I’ve posted before I may add) to take a cautionary ‘health’ first approach to the covid situation. 85% of the economic levers in Scotland are still pulled by WM, the economy still very much WMs brief and as we all know, health is a devolved matter. I’d also posted another poll before that one (I believe it’s on the BoJo thread) which showed the almost overnight collapse of BoJo popularity and that of all Tory cabinet members - except the chancellor. So we can probably park the ‘racist’ Brexit Britain chat - given that on a UK level, by far the most popular member of the gov isn’t white. Independence simply isn’t gonna happen with covid about and bans on mass gatherings - although scrutiny of Tories and indeed the current SNP (check my opinions on the Salmond thread) shall continue. On a personal level, I’ve been badly let down by the Scottish NHS IMO. Went for a CT scan in Febuary, was told hospital would contact me with results, didn’t receive any communication whatsoever. Called my GP to get even a telephone consultation and was told that wouldn’t be happening either. So while it’s important to focus on covid19, I can guarantee you more people will die of other health conditions, where treatment was stopped, than of covid19 itself. I probably won’t be one of them as a medically unqualified receptionist was able to tell me, ‘nothing abnormal was observed’ - whatever that means.
  5. RAG

    PM BoJo

    I’d challenge you to provide a single example where I’ve ‘revelled in the glory’ of BoJo’s incompetence of this situation. You can look but it doesn’t f**king exist. You might find a few posts where I had to reworded my initial l**ing Tory b*****d’s post for a family audience - but that would be true of most things I’d said or posted about the Tory party from about 1992-2020. As for ‘smugness’ I don’t think anyone is being ‘smug’ about the covid situation. What people don’t like, is being misled and constantly lied to - as seen in those polls. BoJo has needlessly expended a whole whack of hard earned political capit over the covid and DC situation completely unnecessarily - that’s the opinion of DOZENS of Tory MPs - not just my own.
  6. RAG

    PM BoJo

    I'd have a lot more respect for these Tories if they wore badges on TV saying 'BS', rather than ones reminding them which department they work for. Say what you like about Scottish politics, but these Tory ministers wouldn't last 5 minutes up 'ere.
  7. RAG

    PM BoJo

    Including Nick Robinson!
  8. They're allowed to 'trade' picks too. If a 'big' team is dead set on one player, they can trade their other draft slots for who they want - as long as the team with 'first dibs' agrees to it. So it's not always the case the 'best' young player will actually end up in the 'worst' team.
  9. RAG

    PM BoJo

    I'd the radio on. Evan Davies stated in the headlines, 377 folk had died from Covid in the UK yesterday. They then went to the number 10 press conference and BoJo announces 256 died yesterday. I then turned the radio, (actually it was the BBC sounds app) off.
  10. Nobody gets relegated in American sports either. Its a trade off. Most of the final day action in football, is at the bottom of the table. Best American sides dont have first pick of all the best young players, the draft counts for a lot in levelling out the leagues over there, worst teams are guaranteed first picks on best new players. Would be interesting to see how that worked in European football.
  11. RAG


    They didn't half muller DC on Newsnight last night! It was 'probably' out-with BBC News guidelines of impartiality, if ignore the actual program and the 15 minute segment where, blow by blow, they demonstratively proved how DC broke the lockdown and quarantine rules, then lied repeatedly to the public about it, including changing a blog post from 2019 in March 202, to claim he'd foreseen covid, being as he is, a great Brexit prophet. It's why there's no point watching BBC News, even if the media prove and demonstrate how you're lying to the media - it's out of order for them to comment on the fact you've been a lying b. - 35,000 dead or not.
  12. RAG


    You been discussing that with folk in England, or watching the propaganda media machine telling you we should all, move on ? (You can get about as far as the kitchen without fear of getting lifted - thanks to Mr Cummings own lockdown rules.) If WM were talking BS on Covid, Brexit - the 'big' issues of our time. D'you think the Tory funded 'Better Together' campaign were also BS-ing Scotland in 2014, given how all encompassing that issue was then? About as many Home Ruled nations and federal UK's were created in the aftermath as there were frigate factories. It's all BS - it's why most Tory voters barely have a pulse.
  13. I think their biggest mistake was threatening to sue the league, then proposing the same reconstruction (pretty much) that was rejected a couple of weeks ago. You can't do that, then claim the moral high ground. You might find a skilled operator like Budge has held a gun to their head in a silky manner. Accept the proposal, or they'll be no league next season for anybody - due to a big court case holding up play. Partick on the other hand, have behaved with far more dignity.
  14. Even the juniors were better organised! Deciding the league on point average was undeniably more fair than how the SPFL did it. Although, if the curtailed season was decided (as fairly as possible) on point average, they'd be no chance to save the Jambos woeful on field performance off the park.. If the two teams affected weren't from Glasgow and Edinburgh - we wouldn't be having this conversation IMO.
  15. They were being bankrolled by a convicted thief, fraudster and money launderer at the time, which takes the shine off the Burley era - if 16 games can even be described as an era!

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