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  1. You're a doctor are you not? (or similar) At least your input comes from an educated background in medicine.
  2. Cant question the guy's passion so far. Seems also to have a great partnership with Findlay. Would like to keep him beyond this season.
  3. Someone posted at the weekend asking if we went 3-5-2 as it would take two centre backs to replace one Stuart Findlay. The answer is very much yes. Outstanding. There is not a better Scottish CB in this league. His commitment, passion and talent is growing by the game. Captain next season please.
  4. Hadn't realised how serious his collapse was. Hope he makes a full recovery.
  5. The sad thing is, we all saw this coming. What are JF etc. being paid for?
  6. Aarons has signed for Well! WTF
  7. Insane. Saw that as well.
  8. Can see some small improvements. Pitch seems very slippery though so some mistakes coming from players losing footing. Bunn looks tidy and some decent touches from Kabamba.
  9. I've recently started thinking GD has an inflated opinion of himself. His form has dropped significantly recently. My feeling is him and SOD are at the back of some of this.
  10. Colin Weir, 71, Euromillions winner and financial backer of Patrick Thistle
  11. Could do a lot worse than Holt. At the moment he's my choice.
  12. Inexcusable to lose that goal on the side he was standing. I've defended him a lot but can't defend that mistake.
  13. It doesn't matter who the manager is, the same lack of cutting edge is apparent. Need this attacking mid/#10 position sorted out.
  14. St Mirren I think Racchi's was.
  15. Is the usual Thursday pre-match conference going ahead today? Might get a glimpse of what AD is thinking in terms of going for the position.
  16. Perhaps he's initiated the release? Asked for it? Hopefully we hear the real reasons soon.
  17. So who do we bring in now? Do the players have their own shortlist? In all seriousness, though, this is a sad day as we all hoped AA could be a success here. Lovely guy when i met him.
  18. In amongst those games, not shown in the list, were a 0-0 and a 0-5 Vs sevco in Scottish Cup. Obviously mitigating circumstances in that one but forms part of the 8 without a win.
  19. I like Rory. Can't understand the abuse he gets as well as some others. Was close to scoring what would have been a top quality goal on Saturday as well.
  20. Was right behind it, well executed finish for first. Felt he was a bit slow on the second which didn't seem to have loads of pace.
  21. Can't see it finishing 3-0. More to come I fear.
  22. He and Millar are the two players who actively looked dangerous in and around the box.
  23. I think he was saying he didn't have the personal but has now brought Sow in, will see (and hope) they can develop a partnership, and that Sow has looked good in training.

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