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  1. Don’t kid yerself - we’d be exactly the same if it was the other way round.
  2. Our football was fantastic when we finished third in the league! Counter-attacking and lethal. I’d happily watch that again!
  3. Speculate to accumulate. 5th place and European football is up for grabs. St Mirren feel they’ll get there and recoup their current expenditure. Fortune favours the brave. I admire their ambition.
  4. Damn right this isn’t for everyone.
  5. Nah. Give them the day off. Let them eat and drink and scoff selection boxes until even the Milky Ways are done. Look where “hard work in training” has got us recently. I’d prefer 11 hungover swell bellies who’ve been on a three day bender to a team that’s gone through the motions the day before in training. It just might work.
  6. That’s probably a week’s wages for a fringe player.
  7. Enough is enough... ...stop the football. It should never have started in the first place.
  8. The League Cup has a sponsor in place. I don’t think it’s as easy as saying it shouldn’t have happened this year. For what it’s worth, I don’t think any football should be played until there’s a vaccine, precisely for the situation Killie find themselves in. Every club will be affected by COVID at some point. It was daft trying to even start the league,
  9. Right now I’d be worried about an offer coming in for Kabamba before Brophy.
  10. Burke will have hit 10 by November.
  11. It’ll be a staunch £16.90
  12. County TV is a bit clunky on start up but persevere - I’ve got it working via Link 3 and by clicking Away Team Video.
  13. If you’d read the thread closely you’d have seen that Andy123 is English.
  14. Ah, spoken like an entitled Old Firm fan who cannae get a ticket for the one stand we’re giving them. Remember that?