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  1. If you’d read the thread closely you’d have seen that Andy123 is English.
  2. Ah, spoken like an entitled Old Firm fan who cannae get a ticket for the one stand we’re giving them. Remember that?
  3. Great sponsor on the kit.
  4. It’s not big enough news that it needs reported as it happens. In fact, nothing has happened, only talk and rumours. I’m sure when/if the signings are made, the Record will feature them in the paper the following day.
  5. Not quite. The Record is in the same publishing group as the Kilmarnock Standard. It’s fairly routine for the ‘big’ papers to scour the wee local papers for stories of a wider interest. The Standard reported the story earlier in the week and the Record have now chosen to feature it. Happens all the time in all areas of news.
  6. Was there not a stat that showed el Makrini was the best (or one of the best) breaker-uppers of play in the league. Most interceptions, I’m sure. I like el Makrini and wouldn’t be worried if he started the first couple of games.
  7. What rubbish! Rory has been a first team regular under different managers for coming up on ten years. He clearly works hard, has the right attitude and, when called upon, does the job asked of him. If he didn’t have any of those qualities he’d have been moved on long before now.
  8. What’s your point, caller?
  9. The Lurker


    Double signing, Bachmann plus Van Persie out of retirement. That headline would write itself.
  10. And the Kaiserslautern massive. They need first dibs too.
  11. What’s everyone’s fascination with this phrase? Any time a potential signing/transfer rumour is mentioned, out it comes, the Killie cliche.
  12. See. Double standards!
  13. Your absolutely right, yes. I agree. It’s different though when loads of folk come on here bragging about buying U16 tickets for away games. Some folk - not you, I hasten to add - would appear to have double standards.

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