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  1. There is nothing wrong in giving youth a chance. Playing last 20mins when we are winning comfortably would be ideal. it's unfortunate that Innes is in the deep-end, as we have no one else. But its also an opportunity for him. I've been at the last 3 games, and while we had a lot of crosses in.. few were great quality, today was the best especially in the first half. I want him to do well, but so far both championship and league one center half's have him under control. He is not the finished article but he has been around 5 years so you would hope to see a lot of progress..that isn't evident so far. Maybe playing with a more dynamic or experienced CF may help.. but right now he isn't showing enough to say he has attributes that would develop into a good player. Hopefully we get someone signed to work with him and get us scoring.
  2. Perfect for me just put my name on my new season top, leave off the number and I will be well covered. The more Murray's the better.
  3. There are 2 sets of fools .. 1. a small group politicians who make stupid rules that aren't clear enough to people and not based on science but whatever they feel will make them popular. 2. Another group of morons who believe they know better than the experts.. and nothing should apply to them. Which one are you in... I'm sure the team won't miss your support on Tuesday. I can't believe after a terrible 18 months we throw away the good work by everyone, with limited exceptions. Moving your seat or being socially distanced isn't much to ask ... BtW my daughter started back working as a nurse in Chrosshouse after being off for 3 months with Covid and a long recovery... working 12 hour shifts in the respiratory ward.. she had to deal with people dying alone with no family.. not just older people but all ages. Not a lot to ask to sit apart or in different seats. Complaining about how much it cost... yes wasted spend in some areas, some folk made a lot of money, others did without and suffered terribly. But the majority are still here thanks to sacrifices made. By all means red card me but there are some selfish arseholes on this forum.
  4. First time I've seen the team live his season. First half, especially upto 25mins, I thought we were on the front foot, aggressive but controlled no stupid challenges. My concern at half time was we seemed content at 2-0., and should have been 3 or 4 up. Second half was poor all round.. lack of intensity in closing their team down.. which considering it was very hot may be understandable. I don't think I saw a really hard tackle by our midfield, except for Rory. Yes we did win balls back but I didn't see the tough ball wining midfielder.. so concern that in the championship we may be a bit soft in the middle of the park. The game is all about opinions but I thought Innes Cameron was poor in hold up against a league 1 side, on his heals inside the box too often. No confidence he would attack the front post. Hoping that the ball came to him in the box instead of making runs across defenders. I'm not convinced he is the top striker we need to challenge for promotion.. and the squad needs at least 2 new strikers , esoecially one who can score 25 goals in the Championship and lead the line and link up players. This year we can expect to face teams who sit back.. getting the ball out wide and crossing for a CF to attack is a key part of opening teams up. Today was a good opportunity to really kick off our season but while we won, the second half was certainly not good enough. We know this is work in progress, with a new teams, so hopefully we see some in the cup games next week.
  5. Great service today.. in and out with both new straps... you can always get name and number later...really like the away top.. can't wait to get the shorts when they arrive.
  6. I thought Doyle was a coach last season in the games he played. He would have been as much use sitting on the sidelines... any saves he made the ball hit his rather large bulky frame. Oh for a Jamie Mc signing (who wasn't as bad as some on here quoted), w e wouldn't have been relegated if he played for us.. but seriously there must be some better uses for a wage than Doyle.
  7. I didn't say that ...so don't twist my words .. you can criticise as I clearly stated but some of the personal attacks have been overboard... I recognise we all see the game differently but the trend this year h The point I'm making is when it goes too far the damage isn't to a player but to us as a club...when you look for a new job most people check out how they treat staff and what the environment is like.. we would expect negativity due to the poor season but there is a limit.
  8. Right now we don't even have 11 players.. if Power leaves we have 3 ... with 1 none of us wants to see play. Power would be a starter next season.. he needs a midfield partner to play along side. Does anyone not think any of the other championship teams wouldn't take a player of his experience and ability to be in their team. All we are looking at signing is players who failed to cut it it in the uchampionship last year.. but they will turn into winners with us... wishfull thinking ! I suspect Power has an escape clause to leave if Killie were relegated. If he exercises that and gets better money, signing on fee etc, can you really blame him. As a support we have hung the 2 captains this year... slagged every player of including Power.. had TW slag him off on Sky - due to the error in the 2nd leg (as the experienced player he should have taken command) .... so any loyalty to Killie may be wearing thin. While I have no issue with supporters venting their feelings.. however some on here feel its their right to be abusive to our team and go way overboard . I really hope we sign some quality players BUT our record in the last 4 windows, except for a certain 38 year old, has been abysmal.. let's see if it changes. I will gladly come on an apologies if JF signs some real gems... but why would they come to Killie.. regulated team, plastic pitch, no team mates to play with yet. We have a massive task this summer.. to fix multiple years of neglect in updating our squad or spending our funds wisely.
  9. I don't always agree with Boyd but I would believe him over anyone on here who has no idea what really happened under AA. People are rightly upset with relegation. To blame GD for all the failings, we as a club made is just wrong.. his performances dropped the last year + but that can and does happen to players in mid 30's .. not necessarily his fault or lack of effort. Not one player at the club or elsewhere has anything negative to say about him... but supporters who don't know facts just rumours .. slag him off. SC left us for Scots job and we had nothing in place for signings to replace those who were leaving. Running the club with a short term outlook, meant we didn't fix our youth policy as well. Our signing policy since then has been desperate... not one real success except Burke... we only got Lafferty after his foreign deal went sour. I agree with Boyd .. Lafferty did nothing in the last few games.. maybe just too many games after his break or he has another deal lined up so not risking injury. Our last 4 managers rated Gary and was made captain during that time... including TW and he would certainly not pick him each week because of a cliet... its not the school playground. GD doesn't deserve the lynch mob from some of our supporters ... but it fits some peoples agenda based on rumour not facts. GD did not fire AA... Billy did.. he can hide behind the players, have folk say he's not that knowledgeable on football, don't kid yourself it's his money and he made the call...
  10. It won't effect me personally .. kids too old.. but I would fully support having kids free with a full price adult. We need to stimulate another generation of supporters. I will be buying my season ticket when the come out... by then I'll have recovered from the deep depression state I'm in.
  11. I wish Gary all the best... I will remember the good times and the efforts this year. Those who criticise him for AA.. do it based on rumour and Gary expressing the feelings of the players ... when as Captain he was asked his opinion. Hindsight is great and maybe he should have not had the players views made public. If he was the voice of 1 or 2 players ... the rest were capable of speaking up if they chose too. He has been harshly treated by supporters who blame him for everything wrong at our club.. did he sign a bunch of duds ... the reason we are relegated isn't down to Gary...its the club's fault for signing players who couldn't ever replace the ones we lost. The vitriol on here against Gary is out of order ... blaming him on one hand for doing what's expected as a captain to represent the players to the club and then he is made scape goat for this year's sh*t show. Far more blame on the directors and Fowler.... Who didn't make a change and decided not to sign any level of competent goal keeper at Christmas is more the reason. For those who object that he didn't come out and speak to supports after the game... get real .. if you had read the sh*t written on here blaming him.. the club and Gary would have been stupid to allow that to happen. Having Lafferty or Rossi decide to speak was different than Gary facing a lynch mob who had already blamed him for months.
  12. At last some common sense... I'd have no issue with both Kirk and Burke as squad players, not in plans to be a starter, but help move them into coaching. I never had a issue with either of them.. always gave100% and fid me Burke is a model professional who could and should get a chance to develop players both on and off the field.
  13. If we are trying to get things in perspective... we need to stop blaming 2 players for all our woes this year. The vast majority of posts on here would burn KB and GD at the stake. Both players are at the end of their careers and just because there older doesn't mean everything falls on their shoulders. I criticise them both when they make mistakes but the vast majority of supporters who post on here, have subscribed to a small group that runs the club... honestly do you think it's a school play ground. The AA situation, as club captain GD and the senior players where asked their views.. as captain he gave them, that's part of the role. If the club listens to it and takes action its still not his call... I guarantee AA leaving wasn't based on that alone. From ex players and playing staff, they all praise the efforts of GD in the dressing room.. yes they may shout at younger players but even in Liverpool or Man Utd that happens. GD has been way below his previous standard this year but none of us know how Covid 19 effected some players both physically and mentally.. with travel restrictions how much did some players get effected over others or their family. On a purely footballing terms though do you think GD and KB were playing each week because they picked the team or in the eyes of 3 out of 4 of our managers they were the best option. Having shi* goalkeepers can't be under estimated especially on center half's. That was the main issue along with terrible signings over 3 years. Even through last nights shambles, where KB contributed to the 2nd .. BTW Rossi was always missing cutting out the cross. KB at least tried to the very end... 3/4 of the team didn't even try. GD not playing really showed that no one else can try and link the back 4 to the front line. We resorted to hoof ball because we had no effective passing from defence forward. Having GD or even Stuart Findlay would have helped. I'm as pissed as everyone.. but the blame shouldn't be lumped on 2 players.. they don't make the decisions others are paid to... and they all failed miserably.
  14. What none of us know.. is what we signed the best that Fowler could get.. or did he offer up good players who were knocked back. Lots of loans may have not been on because of our pitch or money.. we may have had a big budget but it may have already been committed to players who were instrumental under Clarke..a load of them got new contracts the summer we finished 3rd.. so our budget was spent. Only the board, Fowler and maybe TW know the facts. Dyer is gone... but even with a new manager and an international CF we really didn't improve that much.. the squad was too poor.
  15. 100% right. If YM had genuine urgent reasons to leave, knowing Killie we would have understood.. even more so if he wasn't likely to figure tonight from the start. On Thursday GD landed heavily on his ankle so you don't know what may have happened. You also don't sneak in and take all your kit .. bugger off.. and don't tell anyone but leave a message afterwards. The club reached out to have a meeting which could be the start of formal disciplinary action, we won't know, but he didn't turn up. If every player who didn't get picked but still was paid by the club threw out the toys, then half of the squads would quit. YM can spin it anyway he wants but its still unprofessional..who will touch him now. He's hardly kicked a ball in 2 seasons.. so big question marks over his desire to work and compete for a slot. BTW I was one of them shouting for him to get a chance and get fit playing week in week out.. but in what I saw, he was way off match fitness..like GD he looked to have slowed down a lot. I'll remember his first stint with great admiration... the rest I'll just try and forget.
  16. The real question is why can't our youths develop players good enough to get in the team. Taylor can't get a full game out on loan. But the idea of a loan is to improve so hopefully he comes back and steps up next year. I'm sue TW has asked about the youths and unfortunately he has either seen or been to they are not ready yet. The big problem we aren't bringing on our own talent. Throwing them into the first team isn't developing them. Hopefully we can sort this out in the summer but it will need some changes in investment and maybe some better scouting
  17. While I fully agree Dicker has been poor, especially last night. However... after he hurt his ankle in first half he limped around the rest of the match. Why TW didn't sub him .. one day he may explain... but I think Dicker tried as much as any of them...and limped around with even less mobility. But he did keep trying.. badly at fault at the 2nd goal.. but he was trying to not just hoof the ball down the park. Last night the only pass marks went to power and mckenzie...
  18. Having 15k muppets with no masks in Glasgow last week.. as well as players having a party.... expect zero support from the government to support moving forward for football. The SPL and SFA could have shown leadership but that expecting them to do their job.. no chance
  19. If I remember rightly we offered him a sh*ty deal.. and we should have planned for 2 good keepers. At SPL level Jamie was at least average.. depending on a loan deal as our #1 was a risky situation... big mistake in hindsight... which we didn't fix in January.
  20. Dicker gets blamed for everyone's mistakes.. we lost 2 goals tonight due to a full back ball watching... schoolboy errors not helped by a complete lack of a goalkeeper.
  21. Throught the center of defense and right side were fairly solid tonight... the 1st and 3rd goals by St Mirren are both down to a full back not doing his job... and a goalkeeper who didn't make 1 save ..again...3 attempts on target 3 goals. Watters was posted missing.. he should have been hooked after their first... Rodgers is a complete joke as a goal keeper.. oh! for a Jamie Mcdonald , who's worth the same as playing both our current keepers. Don't we have an under 18 who could play at the weekend. I thought Dicker, Broadfoot actually played ok tonight... the goals we lost were woefull but they weren't the culprits.⁷ TW should have put up 2 banks of 4 when were 2-0 up and hit on the break. Why take risks when we didn't need to.. just a joke management. BTW if I was a player and read the sh*te on here... I'd be off. Yes we have been poor.. but look at what we recruited.. not one player improved out team except for Lafferty.. that's the biggest issue at our club. We need investment and a rebuild ... but I don't see our directors doing that.
  22. This is except for Millen is our strongest team. I can only assume Tish, Mulumbu don't show enough in training or when they get a chance. We see players for 90mins or less each week.. the manager(s) see them 5 days a week. I don't blame the managers this year.. yes they may have made better changes in match.. but its the players who let them down... look how nany individual errors or lack of professionalism cost us points. But our squad is poor .. it has been since Clarke left.. we have lost 5 international players in the last few years and replaced with some bargain basement players. Hopefully a good game today builds confidence.. swap fringe players after 60 mins when we 3-0 up.and get few more..we can only dream!
  23. It's natural that people watch the replay and their impression of certain players colours their view.. I'm no different. I sat and watched sportscence and our fame coverage, as well listening to the interviews by TW. 1st goal ... poor punch by Doyle... terrible attempt by Dicker, he should have won the ball or at least stopped the player getting past him. Medlay makes no attempt to block the cross.. in the interviews TW points to the challenge and no attempt to cut out the cross as the problem. For the second goal Medlay over commits and doesn't get the ball properly, enabling County to break forward.. County get some luck but make a good pass out wide where Mullen is posted missing. If Mckenzie was still on the park he wouldn't have as much space/time. TW commented that some players didn't do as instructed at half time.. both Mullen and Medlay could be guilty here. Final goal.. hoofed over Broadfoot ..but we had cover and we let him have a shot and score .. no block or challenge by Medlay... both Kirk/Medlay should have stopped this. So for 2 out of 3 goals .. most teams would have stopped by giving away a free kick... but we don't play smart enough. We have terrible disciplinary record for reckless challenges.. but we don't do anywhere ear enough smart fouls.. County did this constantly to stop us move the ball forward quickly. I'm not making excuses for any of the individual players..Medlay and Mullen were the biggest culprits along with Dicker yesterday. On Mullen he must be fantastic in training .. God knows its not how he plays on a Saturday. Yesterday he could have delayed the keepers kick out without getting booked.. and initially I thought he got booked for trying to take the free kick from the wrong place.. but he must have swore at the linesman.. played like a schoolboy... just stupid but helps that we won't play him in the next match. As for TW he decided to go route one as the pitch didn't support the pass through midfield approach. But either his players don't listen or can't follow orders, the first 15mins after half time was woefull and looked like we had no idea of how to keep a good defensive line.. so as acoach he needs to address this.
  24. What's wrong with Kirk..came straight back in on 2 days training on Saturday... by far our best defender this year. If we play a back 3 then I'd agree Rossi, Medlay, Kirk..but no way does he deserve to be dropped Yes we have lost too many games.. but vast majority were not Kirks fault... we badly missed him and Findlay playing together. Agree on Pinnock.. a winger who never shows any pace or skill to beat a man... 1 cross in every 2nd game doesn't cut it.
  25. So TW thinks we deserved a draw. ...have the ball and doing nothing with it .. doesn't win games.. But his comments after the game "There's a lot of plusses in in the performance. Kyle Lafferty coming on, Gary Dicker and Youssouf Mulumbu did well, Mitch Pinnock had a good game." Pinnock was terrible..