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  1. samo


    I've managed to get my son to sing the Stevie Clarke version now instead ofthe baby shark one!
  2. samo

    League Decider

    Wouldn't be far off 1.5k there I reckon. Shortlees strolled it.
  3. samo

    League Decider

    Monday night 7pm at burnpark is gonna be lively. Amateur league decider between shortlees and hurlford.
  4. samo

    Killie players at the world cup

    Lekovic was at the world cup whilst at killie im sure
  5. samo

    Killie Trust tshirt s

    Ordered my Willy Aubameyang shirt today. It'll be interesting trying to explain to arsenal fans if I bump into any on holiday
  6. samo

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    100 % true. Spotted going into the Chadwick when we beat them 1 0 this season and also on the train with a Celtic scarf coming home from the nothing each game after the split. He's a fooking strange one!!
  7. samo

    Food Hygiene Training in Ayrshire

    I'l be running a course on Sunday 24th June in crosshouse hospital education centre. Cost is £50 for books, exam and certificate on completion of the course. If your interest get in touch as spaces are limited.
  8. samo

    Shortlees Amateurs

    Best team won by far. Game was over after 10 mins. Well done shortlees. The Murray will be rocking til this time next week
  9. Playing in the final of the Scottish cup today at hampden. First team from Kilmarnock to do so.(Hurlford have won it a few times) Anyone heading along?
  10. samo

    A year ago today

    I've heard similar, and also barassie beach with Thai friends
  11. samo

    A year ago today

    I'd say overall things have been positive but clearly having a winning team on the park has had a massive impact on that. Things have been deflected away from the board but has anything really changed? You've got to ask where would we be if it wasn't for Steve Clarke?
  12. samo

    A year ago today

    MJ quit. Happy anniversary folks
  13. As anyone that works in the catering business will know, the elementary food hygiene certificate is a prerequisite for any food handler and is the first thing an EHO will ask for when they come calling. Recently I've set up my own training business that is fully approved by REHIS to deliver this course. My plan is to help as many local business as I can and deliver the training courses at a time convenient to each business, be it full days, evenings or weekends.(Saturday's during the football season are out :-) ) So if your hotel, restaurant, cafe, nursery, bowling club or church etc are looking at training please give me a shout and I'll do my best to help you out.
  14. samo

    Stevie Clarke

    Haha I prefer your version. The original drives me crazy
  15. samo

    Celtic away

    Joint bus with them and the Howard that night mate

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