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  1. Done. Fantastic effort from everyone
  2. "We are where we deserve to be" 4 points from Europe is EXACTLY where we are. Listen im probably one of the biggest critics when things aren't going well but this team is miles ahead of an AJ /locke / mcculloch team.
  3. The table doesn't tell you about performances though. IMO our performances haven't been that bad. There's been plenty of silly individual mistakes but we aren't far away from the top 6
  4. My glass is always half full pal 😂
  5. That table tells me we are potentially 4 points from Europe
  6. I'm hoping to step totally outside of my comfort zone and run a section with him. ( st Mirren to killie) Couldn't run the length of myself just over a year ago but willing to give this my best shot to raise funds for Dionne
  7. If there was any hint of covid being linked to the park hotel then environmental health would have closed it straight away. Clearly theres no issue.
  8. samo

    Killie Shop

    Was in the shop this morning getting my boys the new strip. Older lady with glasses ( first time I've seen her working in the shop) was first class especially with the kids. Credit where credit is due.
  9. Has anyone had a reply from the club yet?
  10. samo


    I'd rather stick a rusty needle up my japs eye
  11. Crosshouse is the only hospital in Ayrshire to have measures in place and all suspected cases in Ayrshire are being diverted to the isolated testing unit at the top of lister street.
  12. Haha I'm not there yet Gaz!! When they said hillbilly I was expecting bangos and stuff cause it's in Dalmelington, not 800ft climbs!!
  13. I'm guessing your doing the hillbilly in dalmelington? I'm doing it too, not looking forward to it!!
  14. samo


    No at all. One of the main factors was that stats show kids that attend bilingual schools tend to perform better in life. (Not to mention smaller class sizes) My duty as a parent is to give my kid the best possible start in life so it's a no brainer really.
  15. samo


    After the summer I'll be sending my son to the gaelic school in Kilmarnock. Not because I'm middle class. Not because of history. But because it's the best performing school in this area and it happens to be in our catchment area. If he can learn an other language at the same time as gaining a 'normal' education then even better.