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  1. Jesus. Had forgotten about Chad Harpur, sure he was in goals the night Gretna pumped us at Motherwell. Nice guy, Mr Community but murder keeper. Tbf he was about 5' 6"
  2. No. Just accurate reporting of incident. Troll off.
  3. Aye. He was on mobile giving match info. Defo ejected because of betting. I guess phones reach China quicker than TV delay.
  4. First time on the forum for days! Sorry. Will bring banner tomorrow.
  5. Most if not all the guys at booling club hospiality are season ticket holders who also run buses to virtually all away games. They also go once a season to hospiality at rugby park, in memory of a departed friend. I think some folk criticising them need to have a reality check.
  6. Seen killie shirts hanging up on a rail in this unit last week. Never thought about it at the time. Adds up.
  7. No probs. Just put your requirements in the order notes box, just below where you put your delivery address.
  8. Thanks Andy. Your t-shirts will be dispatched today.
  9. http://rainbowink.co.uk/product-category/tik-killie-t-shirts/
  10. No probs. Will be a few quid dearer.
  11. We have some Trust In Killie t-shirts now available to order: LINK Rainbow ink will donate £5 to TIK from each t-shirt sold. We can print variations of these designs, just let us know. Also, people can order directly from our shop in Bank Street, Kilmarnock.
  12. What is a fact is that you revel in ripping into our fans at any opportunity. Can you explain how this action will encourage our fans? Beyond me. You admit to only attending home games and then have a pop at fans that go to away games. Crazy. Most fans are trying to move forward, with a certain amount of optimism. But you are the most negative person here. Please think about the good of the club rather than taking up the past.

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