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  1. Surely Watford would've got rid of Gomes now regardless of the league they're in?
  2. Bachman was a done deal. I was confident enough to suggest on here. It now appears to be off.
  3. in spain, 14 day quarantine when he gets back...
  4. don't know why there's a delay. just trying to make sense of it, badly perhaps. Isn't it reasonable to think it may take a week or so to allow him to move from where he is now to where he's gonna be living for the next year?
  5. I know there was a sizeable break with lockdown but I imagine he'll want a wee bit of a breather between the end of their season and the start of ours?
  6. trust the person who told me. tends to be fairly accurate, though not great when it comes to when strips will be launched... was told prior to yesterdays watford relegation so that may impact but he doesnt think so.
  7. Bachman won't be with us till after Hibs, only reason I've not got him in.
  8. Rogers McGowan Findlay Broadfoot Haunstrup Burke Power Tshibola Mckenzie Kiltie Kabamba
  9. bachman will be with us soon. just not in time for Hibs
  10. Dundee Utd on the 25th at tannadice
  11. skyhigh


    Foderingham just signed for Sheffield Utd. Overlooked for shagger
  12. Was sorry to see the lad go as I rated him. I hope he kicks on and does well there.
  13. Don't get why Craigie's getting so many riddies. This is a standard transfer window post from the lad and we all missed it when he'd lost his password. Unless of course, that's 9 mod riddies cos they have to then add them to the one thread...

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