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  1. I’m pretty sure I met him at Rugby Park at the start of the eighties when he brought his Sheffield Wednesday team up. I remember him being a giant of a man, but I was wee.
  2. Apologies if it's been discussed (and/or answered) elsewhere, but if this season is deemed a write off as some are suggesting.... would this mean that European entrants for this season would form the basis of the competitions of next year? e.g. who qualifies for European competition if it doesn't count? and would this be a potential re-entry to Europe?
  3. Signed until end of season. Surprised he has not been given a chance as he was a great prospect at Hamiltom
  4. I’m 50 and followed Killie across the country in the old bottom division and I ain’t felt this low....ever
  5. Just watched the ‘interview’ sorry but what a condescending pr1ck
  6. Personally speaking I think the Broadfoot rumour/fact may have arisen from SOD being sent to Oxford. Broadfoot made his name (limited) at right back - so whilst not palatable I can see the logic.... a cb/rb who Dyer knows and loves and clearly a relationship that is reciprocated. With that deal gone I would suspect Broadfoot would be a no go.....surely
  7. If SOD is offski, does that mean we are one of the teams in for Hodson
  8. I'm pretty sure there is more of that mob than they care to acknowledge and they just don't fit into the wee corner at Parkhead.
  9. This is like a Rate My Plate thread from facebook. If it looks poo, then it's probably poo
  10. This is the quandry... would love to get him as permanent and hoping there is some buy clause in the deal... Always the danger with top performances that the twisted sisters are lurking in the background taking note of the situation like they did with Mulumbu, Stewart, Jones, Taylor and if the papers are to be believed even Longstaff.
  11. To me, this is the first real test. There's been time to bed in the tactics and style and tbh we don't give up much. The Rangers game came too early for Alessio and we were unlucky not to take something. I'm going for a 0-0 draw in my heart, 2-0 to them in my head and 3-1 to them in my gut
  12. saw him score 2 or 3 peaches.
  13. Larkhall2


    Possibly too much so. As a board member she should perhaps have left it to the social media team to handle.... oh wait a minute they were anonymous last night and even when they did show up they were late with the news and also as we know giving incorrect info. As a fan I get why Cathy tried to engage with people last night but as a former board member of a football club and being responsible for the social media aspect of that club I know when to keep my powder dry and I think last night the KFC official pages should have been doing what they did well last year and Cathy should have not commented (or was it the case she was asked to?). Only mistake Cathy made was trying to get some excitement with a comment that the fertile minds of some interpreted (myself included) as money being spent and perhaps a name that got the juices going.
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    To me, this is the key. If there is an opportunity to purchase these players then there is a benefit to us whereas if not then we are not moving forward as a club. The worry if there is no link to a permanent deal then we are in a losing situation if they perform well we may lose them to others (see Stewart) or fundamentally becoming a reserve side for other teams to give their fringe players game time or put them in the shop window

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