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  1. It could be larger than before but still within the SPFL maximum of, I think, 32 sq inches. Even if the QTS logo covered the same area, it would maybe appear smaller because it was integral to the shirt and not a big patch.
  2. You would have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to understand the FIFA Equipment Regulations.
  3. Oh, FFS - you're probably right. I stupidly thought it would say "Kilmarnock FC" like the Bundesliga clubs, with the player's name beneath the number.
  4. SPFL patch and/ or SPFL sponsor's logo will be on one or both sleeves. Numbers have to be on the back of shirts and shorts these days. At least they don't have to be on the front of shirts as well, like international football.
  5. Quite apart from the shirt, Brownings’ logo is so old fashioned. Maybe it suits their business - “old style home baking” - but it’s not very 21st century and doesn’t do the shirt any favours.
  6. As things stand, they still have Darlow and Woodman.
  7. Marseille away shirt. Reminds me of Under Milk Wood - "Starless and bible black".
  8. This relates to Premiership rugby union but the same principles probably apply to football. "It is understood that when players return to stage two of training, which permits contact, HMRC will consider them no longer eligible for the scheme, which would end up costing the clubs around £200,000. Players may not even be eligible during stage one depending on the level of 'supervised training' undertaken. Bath confirmed on Wednesday they plan to return to stage one on 15 June for 'individual conditioning with strict social distancing measures'. If clubs undertake “fully organised, supervised training”, it is understood HMRC would take a view that the players cannot be on furlough." https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/jun/03/hmrc-says-premiership-ineligible-for-furlough-when-contact-drills-resume?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_gu&utm_medium&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1591210300
  9. I saw something the other day which suggested the number of people infected so far is nowhere near enough to constitute herd immunity. As far as I can remember, it was based on the number of confirmed case, currently 280,000. Taking the worst R rate of three infections per carrier, this would give a total of just over a million, nowhere near enough to be considered a herd.
  10. Steady on! I think a collective would be more accurate description. Coincidentally, in the last few minutes, the MLS and the MLS Players Association have announced agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement through to 2025.
  11. No, it won’t lead to attendance at matches being a thing of the past. Nor have I ever heard anybody say that spectators at matches are a hindrance. On the contrary, it is regularly said that the spectators in the ground add greatly to the spectacle. What has been said is that some English Premiership clubs could operate profitably without any gate receipts.
  12. Hibs made an offer for Miller in January, so they might be in the running.
  13. The poll held on here showed that 98% of those voting didn’t want a refund. This shows a good deal of goodwill towards the club and, if this was representative of the wider season ticket holder community, the amount needing to be repaid would be much smaller. I still think the club should make refunds available to those who request them, subject to their having a legal liability to do so. As the BBC article states, there could well be a force majeure defence to claims for a refund. I’m sure a mutually acceptable arrangement could be reached between the club and the few who were intent on receiving a refund.
  14. I think training compensation is due only if it is an international transfer, or if the player is signing his first pro contract which I expect is not the case with Taylor.
  15. skygod

    1984/85 Kits

    Have you asked Blair Millar? He was signed in 1984-85.
  16. skygod

    1984/85 Kits

  17. Hamilton are going forward on a PATG basis, as I've reported before. I don't really care what other clubs are doing but there are other, more honest ways, for clubs to take in money than selling season tickets. We should all wait and see what the club proposes to do. I imagine they will want to take in money very soon so we'll see what they propose. Nobody knows if and when matches will be played in front of spectators next season, so forward planning is almost impossible.
  18. Agreed. If people want to give the club money they can make a donation, buy shares, subscribe to TiK or whatever other scheme the club might come up with, including Killie TV. Selling season tickets for ghost games is borderline fraud.
  19. Chris Erskine is past it at Premiership level. Three starts all last season.
  20. We need someone for him to be back up to! Seriously, I hope he doesn’t see himself as back-up and will challenge for a first team place. If a mature player like him is just going to be back-up he needs to be more versatile than covering one position. With a small squad, versatile players are a great asset.
  21. Most of the guys leaving aren’t Youths but players who have been hanging around the reserve team for a few years without troubling the first team - Barr, McLevy, Monk, McDonald, Lynch, Barlow.
  22. Why would someone who wasn’t a genuine Killie fan have a season ticket in the first place?
  23. I don't know if @Zorro can confirm, but I read that the NHS is preparing for a big second spike in July and August.
  24. At least when the football's on there's an excuse to listen to Sportsound. I can't imagine ever listening to it in the close season.
  25. skygod


    I understand that ALERT was supposed to be an acronym (don't know what the letters stand for) but the message got confused within Number 10 and it was unveiled as Stay Alert, to general bemusement.

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